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Measure Twice, Cut Once

Once we cut a stock size piece, we can't ever sell it as full size piece again. All cuts are nominal. So, PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY, and DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS BEFORE YOU ORDER. The old adage is espcially true here: measure twice, cut once. WE do it before we cut your piece, and YOU should do it before you order.

Using a measuring tape

Here's a little refresher on how to use a measure tape. First, let's talk about the increments. We'll assume that you're using the English or Imperial system of feet and inches. Extend your tape measure several inches and find the large 1 and 2. On most English measuring tape, the smallest increment is 1/16 of an inch. This means that there are 16 equally spaced marks between 1 and 2 inches on the tape. When measuring, count how many of these marks you are beyond the nearest inch. If your piece measures 7 inches and other 8 marks, that is 8/16 (1/2) for a total of 7-1/2".Let's say you were taking your second measurement (see below) and this time you counted 9 marks past the 7 inch mark. That means your piece is actually 7-9/16" long.

The clip on the end of my measuring tape slides back and forth. Is it broken?

No! The sliding clip on the end of the tape is designed for two different types of measurements. When you take an outside measurement (where you hand the clip of the tape over an edge), the clip slides out a little to account for the thickness. When you take an inside measurement (push the clip up against a surface), the clip slides in, again accounting for its thickness. The measuring tape self-adjusts so, either way, you get an accurate measurement.

 inches Price per Sheet: $15.00

Total Price: $15.00

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HDP7EB - Overview

ColorCore®, used mostly for signage applications, is environmentally stabilized and has been developed to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions. It can be used in wet areas that need to be washed often for cleaning, or are regularly exposed to moisture. It can be fabricated using common woodworking tools and techniques. Its thin cap layers and bright primary colors make it ideal for signage, marine, playground and recreational applications. The sheets are easy to engrave and machine, as the cap is approximately ten percent of overall nominal thickness for high production speeds. It is made with high-impact-resistant polymer to handle more abuse than conventional sign materials.

The material is manufactured by extruding one color on the inside and a contrasting color on the outside. The layers are combined while the material is still molten. The result is a homogenous sheet that is guaranteed not to delaminate, crack or chip. It is superior to other sign materials, which are separate layers of material laminated together. The material does not have to be painted because the color is embedded into the sheet. The durable textured finish resists scratches and marring. This product is UV stabilized to resist deterioration in harsh outdoor environments, making it the perfect signage material. Logos and clipart easily converted to signage. ColorCore® resists markings by pens, markers, and spray paint, and can easily be cleaned with regular household cleaners. It does not absorb water. Unlike other signage material, it will not swell, crack or rot.


• Weather Resistant

• Environmentally/UV stabilized

• Easy to fabricate and machine

• Impact resistant

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