InterState Plastics proudly offers the finest in lucite materials. Available in sheet, rod, tube, mirror, colors and texture finishes, lucite is a great general purpose industrial and home use product with a long standing reputation for performance at low cost.

Lucite is great for impact, is window-clear, works well in UV and outdoor applications, and is widely used for point of purchase displays, seethrough panels and can be shaped or fabricated with simple tools.

Ask for our technical data sheets, supplied at no charge.

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- Excellent impact resistance
- Good chemical resistance
- Good weather resistance, good when exposed to UV
- Excellent clarity
- Low cost, readily available
- Fabricates well, can be formed, drilled, and milled



- Shelving (see above)
- Automotive
- Displays and decoration
- Appliances
- Lighting fixtures
- Optical applications
- Medical equipment

Cut Sizes and finished shapes:

- Sheets available in clear, UV treated, colors and multiple sizes - Rod, tube, profiles and mirror finish also available
- Call today for specific pricing or send us your drawing for quote on CNC machined shapes.