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Samples of cast and extruded Acrylic sheet, rod, tube, and mirror.

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This sample pack contains a 6x6" sample of Cast Acrylic, Extruded Acrylic, and Acrylic Mirror; 3" lengths of Extruded Acrylic Rod and Extruded Acrylic Tube. It also contains a sample chain of various Acrylic colors to match for your project.

Acrylics have outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering. Acrylic has excellent optical properties and is more resistant to impact than glass. In addition, acrylic has low water absorption, good electrical resistance, and fair tensile strength. Applications are infinite, including art installations, outdoor signs, glazing, aircraft canopies, skylights, automotive taillights, dials, buttons, lighting applications, knobs, and machine covers.

Cast Acrylic vs. Extruded Acrylic:

Acrylic is produced in two basic variations, cast and extruded. Casting and extruding acrylic produce slightly different properties. Cast acrylic is more difficult to bend and shape versus extruded. In heat bending and thermoforming, extruded acrylic may behave differently depending on the bending direction relative to the extrusion direction. This is not an issue with cast acrylic. When colored cast acrylic is heated for thermoforming or heat bending, the color may change. Matte-colored surfaces can become clear and clear surfaces can become matte or opaque. In addition, the shade of color may change. Laser engraving should only be done on cast acrylic to produce a clear engraved image. In laser cutting, extruded acrylic will have a rougher edge, whereas cast is generally smooth. Cast is more difficult to flame polish versus extruded. Extruded acrylic tends to be more consistent in sheet thickness, while cast can vary as much as +/- 15% in thinner sizes. Cast acrylic is more resistant to the same solvents, as well more resistant to scratching versus extruded.


6x6" samples of:

Cast Acrylic Sheet

Extruded Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Mirror

Extruded Acrylic Rod

Extruded Acrylic Tube

Material Warnings

 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Ethyl acrylate, CAS 140-88-5, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to¬†

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