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Polygal Aluminum vent tape for polycarbonate multi-wall applications.

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1.0"x108ft Aluminum Vent Tape  $44.15
1.5"x108ft Aluminum Vent Tape $50.19

Total Price: $44.15

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Aluminum vent tape from Interstate Plastics is (generally) used for sealing the top and bottom edges of twinwall and multi-wall polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. Applied properly, it seals the polycarbonate interior, allowing moisture to exit while blocking debris and water, stopping mold, algae, insects and dust from accumulating within the walls of the polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. The aluminum tape also prevents noise created from the polycarbonate sheeting's expansion and contraction in response to temperature changes.

Note: 6mm (.236") and 8mm (.315") wall should be used with 1"x108' tape. 10mm (.394") and 16mm (.630) wall should be used with 1.5"x108' tape.


Ensure the polycarbonate side that reads "UV side out" faces outward before applying the tape to prevent accidentally taping the top or flipping the sheet and leaving the wrong side exposed to the sun.

  • Easy to apply
  • Seals seams in polycarbonate applications.
  • Blocks debris and water with proper drainage of condensation.
  • Stops mold, algae, insects and dust from accumulating.
  • Allows moisture to exit.
  • Superior quick stick at normal temperatures.
  • Superior low temperature performance at freezing temperature.
  • Prevents excess noise from thermal expansion.

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