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Impact Strength Material Sample Pack
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Impact Strength Material Sample Pack

ABS, Noryl, Polycarbonate, UHMW

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Includes a 6x6" sample of ABS, Noryl, Polycarbonate, and UHMW.

The Impact Strength Resistance Pack features four high impact performance plastics. Impact strength describes a plastic’s behavior under impact and relates to how resistant from breaking and cracking a material is, when experiencing a sharp, fast, blunt, and/or hard impact.

A high impact resistance is important in many functional, moving and safety parts to ensure fracture behavior will not occur under extreme everyday operational conditions where the material is being used. Under impact stress, the mechanical energy absorbed by the plastic is transferred from the hard, stiff crystallites into the soft amorphous regions. If their energy absorption capacity is not enough, brittle fracture occurs.

Brittle fracture can be prevented by incorporating impact modifiers, such as elastomers, which are blended into the base material. Under impact stress, the elastomeric regions will absorb additional energy and prevent fracture. The correct impact resistant plastic for your project will vary based on many factors (temperature, humidity, interacting materials, etc.), and there is no material that will outperform any other for all applications.


- 6x6" Sample of ABS
[PDF Spec Sheet]
[Product Page]

- 6x6" Sample of Noryl
[PDF Spec Sheet]
[Product Page]

- 6x6" Sample of Polycarbonate
[PDF Spec Sheet]
[Product Page]

- 6x6" Sample of UHMW
[PDF Spec Sheet]
[Product Page]

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