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Onsrud - Plastic Router Bits
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Onsrud - Plastic Router Bits

Straight, Single-Edge, Solid Carbide “O” Flute

 4 stars based on 16 Review(s)
(CMD61-045) 3" x 0.125"$29.49
(CMD61-041) 2" x 0.125"$30.69
(CMD61-042) 2" x 0.125"$34.19
(CMD61-063) 4" x 0.187"$42.99
(CMD61-082) 2.5" x 0.25"$43.75
(CMD61-084) 4" x 0.25"$43.75

Total Price: $29.49


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CMD61 - Overview

Interstate Plastics is proud to offer straight, single-edge, solid carbide “O" router bits. These flutes combine the fast free-cutting of the “O" flute with the dependable tool life of solid carbide tools. “O" grade router bits work exceptionally well on polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, HDPE, UHMW and hard plastic.

Plastic router bits by Onsrud are an industry standard in high-quality featuring outstanding tool longevity, a tendency to stay sharper, a broad selection of sizes and most importantly a superior quality of cut. Onsrud router bits easily cut a variety of machinable plastics as well as materials including wood, plywood, MDF and other wood composites. Router cutters are available in a range of shank sizes.

How to Choose a Router Bit:

1. Router bits can cut a material as thick as the length of the flute.

2. Router bits can drill a material as deep as the width of the flute, making multiple passes until the material is fully cut.

3. All router bit codes are designated by: Part Number, Flute Length x Flute Width.


• Straight, single-edge router
• Solid carbide material
• Outstanding tool longevity
• Tendency to stay sharper
• Superior quality of cut
• Router cutters are available in a range of shank sizes

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