PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) is a stiff thermoplastic material with exceptional chemical and fatigue resistance and thermal stability, often used in applications where performance at extreme temperatures is necessary.

What is PEEK?

PEEK plastic is a temperature-resistant engineered machinable thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and thermal stability.

PEEK exhibits superior mechanical and electrical properties with a maximum continuous working temperature of 480F to 500F and excellent retention of mechanical properties up to 570F in a steam or high-pressure water environment.

Superior chemical resistance has allowed PEEK to work effectively as a metal/stainless steel replacement in harsh environments, and has proven to be a reliable replacement for other materials that cost up to 10 times more.

PEEK is inert to all common solvents and resists a wide range of organic and inorganic liquids. This is a versatile high performance plastic.

  • Extreme chemical resistance, good mechanical properties
  • Highly resistant to thermal degradation
  • Excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability
  • Lightweight compared to steel, aluminum and titanium
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High wear resistance without lubrication
  • Low toxicity when exposed to flames
  • Glass filled grades are available
  • Outstanding wear resistance
PEEK Applications

Due to its robustness, PEEK is used to fabricate items used in demanding applications where extreme heat, pressure, and chemicals come into play.

  • Bearings and Bushings
  • Seals
  • Pump and valve components
  • Piston Parts
  • HPLC columns
  • Compressor plate valves
  • Cable insulation
  • Medical implants
  • Aerospace applications and parts
  • Chemical process applications
PEEK Physical Properties
30% Glass
Density (lb/in^3)
Tensile Strength
16000 psi
15000 psi
Tensile Modulus
500 ksi
900 ksi
Flexural Strength
25000 psi
28000 psi
Flexural Modulus
600 ksi
1000 ksi
Elongation at Break
Water Absorption 24H
Izod Impact, Notched (ft-lb/in.)
1.4 - 1.84
Heat Deflection Temp.
Maximum Continuous Service Temp.
Melting Temp
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction

*Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

Product Title
Product Description
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
PEEK Sheet - Natural
Black PEEK sheets suitable for PEEK machining, PEEK bushings, and various applications.
Black PEEK Sheet
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
PEEK Rod - Natural
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
PEEK Rod - Natural Glass 30%
Black PEEK rods suitable for PEEK machining and outdoor use.
PEEK Rod - Black
Bearing grade PEEK HPV has the lowest coefficient of friction (COF) of all PEEK grades.
Bearing Grade PEEK HPV Rod
Unfilled natural PEEK tube has very good resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and wear.
Unfilled PEEK Tube - Natural
Onsrud router bits specifically designed to route high performance plastics like PEEK & Delrin.
PEEK Router Bits
Router bits designed to route glass filled or glass reinforced plastics without melting material.
Glass Filled PEEK Router Bits
Includes 3x3" samples of PEEK, PTFE, and Ultem (PEI).
Extreme Temperatures Material Sample Pack

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