Polyshape Non-Toxic Moldable Polymer
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Polyshape Non-Toxic Moldable Polymer

10oz Jar of Polyshape Non-Toxic Moldable Polymer

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PolyShape from Interstate Plastics is an inert, non-toxic, biodegradable polycaprolactone material that has an unlimited number of uses. PolyShape consists of small white beads, approximately 1/8" in diameter, that become clear and behave like clay when heated in hot water. The PolyShape can then be formed by hand or molded around an object until it hardens into an extremely tough finished product. This process can be sped up by placing the finished product in cold water. As the PolyShape solidifies it turns back to its white color and holds the shape that it was formed to.

  • 10oz of material per jar
  • Becomes moldable in hot water above ~145°F
  • Can be molded by hand, stretched over a part, or put into a hollow mold
  • Creates tough final products that aren't brittle
  • Reusable
  • Biodegradable
  • Dyes can be added for color


  1. Heat water to at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit and add desired amount of PolyShape pellets. Ensure water does not reach boiling temperatures for safe handling
  2. Wait for PolyShape to turn clear before molding
  3. Remove PolyShape from the water and allow it to cool slightly
  4. Mold by hand or other method
  5. PolyShape will harden as it cools. This process can be sped up with cold water
  6. Reheat to reuse

Warning: Although non-toxic, this product is should not be ingested and is not for internal use. Adult supervision required for use by children. Do not let PolyShape reach boiling temperatures that could burn skin. This product may stick to other materials when soft.

Disclaimer: Interstate Plastics makes no representations about any of its products that are modified in any way after they leave its possession, nor do its representations apply when any of its products are improperly used or stored. Each customer of Interstate Plastics bears full responsibility for making its own determination as to the suitability of each material, product, recommendation or advice provided by Interstate Plastics. Each customer of Interstate Plastics must identify and perform all tests and analyses necessary to assure that its finished parts incorporating materials from Interstate Plastics will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions.

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