SciGrip Weld-On 3 Assembly Adhesive
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SciGrip Weld-On 3 Assembly Adhesive

Low VOC Acrylic Plastic Cement

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Full Case: Pints (6) $118.60
Full Case: 4 oz. (24) $243.47
Full Case: Quarts (4) $288.64
Full Case: Gallons (4) $487.15

Total Price: $118.60

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WELDON3X - Overview

SciGrip Weld-On 3 is a water-thin, non-flammable cement formulated to bond to many thermoplastic substrates, primarily acrylic. The bond is achieved by fusing the materials together with dissipation of the solvent. The initial bond forms within a few minutes and quickly increases in strength within only a few hours.

Under extreme conditions (primarily high humidity), a white mark on the plastic may appear, called "blushing." Where a more blush resistant cement and longer open time is required, SciGrip Weld-On 4 is recommended.

SciGrip Weld-On 3 is formulated for cementing acrylic (poly-methyl methacrylate) plastic to itself. It will also form strong bonds with other thermoplastics such as polystyrene, CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate), PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol) and polycarbonate to themselves. It is not recommended for cross-linked acrylic.



Download Weld-On 3 MSDS Sheet [PDF]

Download Cementing Instructions [PDF]

Adhesive products are non-returnable and all adhesive sales are final.

This product is available in gallon (3.785 liters), quart (946 ml), pint (473 ml) and 1/4 pint (118 ml/4 oz.) metal cans.

Sci-Grip Weld-On 3 is carefully evaluated to consistent high quality. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography, and additional in depth testing ensures each batch is manufactured to exacting standards.

WARNING: Due to shipping restrictions on this adhesive, you may be required to purchase a minimum of one full case. Various adhesive types and sizes contain different quantities. Please give us a call for full case minimums. The U.S. Department of Transportation, publishes Title 49 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) which regulates transportation of hazardous materials by road, rail, sea and air.


In compliance with South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1168, this product is not available for sale in Southern California, including but not limited to Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernadino County, and Riverside County. For a full list of affected cities, please see this list.

Disclaimer: Interstate Plastics makes no representations about any of its products that are modified in any way after they leave its possession, nor do its representations apply when any of its products are improperly used or stored. Each customer of Interstate Plastics bears full responsibility for making its own determination as to the suitability of each material, product, recommendation or advice provided by Interstate Plastics. Each customer of Interstate Plastics must identify and perform all tests and analyses necessary to assure that its finished parts incorporating materials from Interstate Plastics will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions.

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