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Self-lubricating engineered thermoplastic.

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Cut-To-Size Items are Non-Returnable!

As per our Shipping and Returns Policy, custom cuts and fabricated parts are non-returnable. If you need an over- or undersized item, note it under "Comments" during Checkout. Cut-to-size orders have an acceptable cut tolerance of 1/8" (0.125"), so clarify if the adjustment is to be made on the (+) or (-) side of the saw blade. Please review our full return and shipping policy here.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Since custom cuts and fabricated parts are non-refundable, be very careful while measuring your dimensions. As each cut is nominal, even the slightest miscalculation could be costly.

How to Use a Measuring Tape

1.) Extend your tape measure several inches to find the 1 and 2 inch markers. In between the inch markers you’ll find 16 equally spaced tick marks.
2.) Measure your space by counting the increments beyond the nearest inch. (If your space measures 7 inches plus 8 tick marks, that is 8/16 à 1/2. Your space is 7-1/2" on one side.)
3.) Another example: If your space is 7 inches and 9 marks past that, your material should be 7-9/16".

Features of a Measuring Tape: Sliding End Hook

The sliding end hook is designed for two different types of measurements. An outside measurement (where the hook of the tape hangs over an edge), requires the hook to slide out a bit to account for the thickness of the material. When making an inside measurement (where the hook will push up against a surface), the clip slides in, again, accounting for its thickness. The measuring tape self-adjusts to guarantee an accurate measurement (as far as the tape is concerned).


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TURX - Overview

Turcite® X is an internally lubricated, acetal-based thermoplastic. It is available in red and suited for low loads and high speeds. Turcite® X is ideal for applications with high wear and friction requirements. It has minimal hygroscopic characteristics and low thermal expansion properties, offering high structural stability. Turcite® X also offers outstanding service life, extremely low Coefficient of Friction, and continuous maximum temperatures of 180F, but is less wear resistant than Turcite® A.

Long Service Life

Due to Turcite® X’s low water absorption, its applications retain their integrity throughout their life span, making it so you you’ll spend less time and money replacing parts and products.

Low Coefficient of Friction

Turcite® X offers an extremely low Coefficient of Friction (COF), due in part to its specialized self-lubricating formula. The sliding advantage produced from the dry lubricant generates a smoother, quieter operation without the need of extra product. It also ensures improved sliding behavior by offering a near-zero level of slip-stick and by eliminating backsliding issues that occur in parts that experience high-pressure conditions.


Turcite® X is offered in red, offering a look that is visually attractive and distinct.


• Long service life

• No slip-stick

• Self-lubricating

• Tear, wear and chemical resistant

• Displays minimal hygroscopic characteristics

• All rods are oven annealed

• Made from copolymer acetal which reduces material voids

• Unique coloring makes it easily identifiable

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