About Interstate Plastics' Cut-to-Size Service

What is "Cut-To-Size"?

Cut-To-Size means you get the length, height and width you need.

With our Cut-to-Size service, you’ll pay for exactly what you want. Whether it's sheet, plate, rod, tube, film, barstock, or profile, we have lots of great machines, craftsmen and engineers to make sure you get exactly the custom size you need for your application. We will be happy to help and advise you about appropriate plastic choices.

WARNING: Sharp Edges. Handle With Care.

What are your standard tolerances?

Our standard tolerance is +/- 0.125". If a digital print or technical diagram is provided, we can provide a closer tolerance. For an additional fee, we can cut many materials as close as +/- 0.010. Call a plastics specialist to discuss your specific application.

Does Cut-To-Size include CNC routing and custom shapes?

When ordering online, our Cut-To-Size calculator will allow you to select a custom sheet width and length. Give us a call at (916) 679-5146 to discuss any orders that require complex shapes or precise tolerances.

Does Interstate Plastic's Cut-To-Size service cost extra?

Using our Cut-To-Size service saves you money by ensuring you only pay for the amount of material you need! Some custom dimensions may leave a yield that produces odd sized remnants: Our Cut-To-Size calculator will recognize odd sizes, and recommend dimensions that can save you even more money.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Once we cut a stock size piece, we can't ever sell it as full size piece again. So, PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY, and DOUBLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS BEFORE YOU ORDER. The old adage is especially true here: measure twice, cut once. WE do it before we cut your piece, and YOU should do it before you order. 

How do I use Interstate Plastic's Cut-To-Size service?

When ordering over the phone, simply let one of our plastics experts know your custom dimensions. (916) 679-5146

When ordering online, use our simple Cut-To-Size calculator found on most product pages. An example can be seen below:

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