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Amplifying Audio With Acrylic From Interstate Plastics

Car audio enthusiast Steve Meade has amassed a large social media and YouTube following by showcasing the creativity and intricacy of his custom projects. For Steve's latest project, he wanted to surprise a close friend with a custom-built sound system featuring two 12-inch subwoofers. The first step was to construct an amplifier rack, and he immediately knew to reach out to Interstate Plastics for material solutions.

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Steve needed an enclosure that would give off the right amount of bass, prevent the subwoofers from damaging essential components of the amplifiers, and offer an aesthetically pleasing display.

Interstate Plastics helped Steve decide on 1/2 inch transparent cast acrylic sheet, which worked exceptionally well for the enclosure. Steve noted "I just wanted to do something cool for my rep over at Interstate Plastics. This guy always takes care of me. My stuff when I need it, custom stuff, stuff that’s hard to find, he gets it for me."

Steve specifically picked the cast acrylic sheet for the amplifier rack because the material would be easy to machine, and its optical clarity would best showcase the color-changing lights that run through the enclosure.

High-quality acrylic and Steve's expertise made completing this project a success. According to Steve, Interstate Plastics' excellent service made it a breeze. Interstate Plastics looks forward to continuing to be the preferred supplier of Steve Meade Designs.

Learn more about acrylic and give Interstate Plastics a call today at (916) 679-5146 to see how we can provide performance material solutions for your next project.

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Steve Meade working with acrylic

Closeup of acrylic during the process

Enclosure, no glow

Completed project installed, glow

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