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Aramid Fiber Reinforced Nylon Extends Part Longevity in Continuous Wear Applications

Hydlar<sup>®</sup> Z Nylon SheetPart longevity due to wear is an important concern when considering materials for custom part replacement. In abrasion and wear applications, unfilled nylon is typically used as a replacement for metal parts and provides a consistently longer part life. Longer part life means less overall downtime as the part will need fewer replacements. However, parts used in conveyor technology and construction endure an extraordinary amount of wear over time. For wear applications such as these where wear and abrasion are continuous, Interstate Advanced Materials offers Hydlar® Z, a composite nylon material with outstanding wear resistance that surpasses that of unfilled nylon.

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Hydlar? Z combines the properties of polyamide 66 nylon with aramid fibers, more commonly known as Kevlar®. Naturally yellow-brown in color, the aramid fibers in Hydlar? Z enhance nylon's already impressive abrasion and wear properties. Parts made from Hydlar® Z may last up to 20 times longer than unfilled nylon. Its enhanced wear properties minimize the amount of abrasion on mating surfaces, extending mating part life overall. Hydlar® Z exhibits greater strength than glass-filled nylon and is capable of withstanding higher temperatures. These characteristics combined with Hydlar® Z's high stiffness, mechanical load capacity, and good machinability make it a superior alternative to unfilled nylon for high wear and abrasion scenarios.

Hydlar® Z is recommended for use in applications where parts will be exposed to continuous wear and abrasion. It is a tried and proven base material for parts such as wear strips, bushings, pulleys, casters, rollers, bearings, conveyor parts, and has applications in the automotive, construction, engineering, and aerospace industries.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers Hydlar® Z in sheet and rod stock shapes and offers up to 30% off Hydlar® Z and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about Hydlar® Z and its outstanding wear properties, and contact a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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