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Autoclavable Bags Aid In Disposal of Hazardous Waste In Research Labs

Autoclavable Biohazard BagsBSL (BioSafety Level) laboratories handle potentially dangerous materials and organisms on a daily basis. Rated on a 1 to 4 scale, the higher the BSL, the more dangerous the microbes and materials the lab handles. In BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs, ways to safely neutralize or dispose of hazardous waste are essential. Interstate Advanced Materials now offers red polypropylene autoclavable biohazard bags specifically designed to handle hazardous materials in BSL-3 and 4 laboratories as a solution for disposing of hazardous waste.

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Autoclavable biohazard bags are made from thin red polypropylene and are marked with a biohazard symbol. They exceed ASTM D1709 and ASTM D1922 tear and dart drop tests for impact and tear resistance. Autoclavable bags have a built-in temperature indicator patch that will activate when exposed to pressure and steam and display a message indicating that the bag has undergone autoclaving. Autoclavable waste bags are safe to incinerate if autoclaving is not available.

Autoclavable hazardous waste bags meet many of the most demanding regulatory specifications worldwide in order to ensure lab safety. These specifications include the following:

  • Federal DOT Regulation 49 CFR 173.197 for HazMat handling and markings
  • California Health and Safety Code #117630
  • Florida Dept. of Health Safety Code #64E-16.004-2C
  • New York DEC Rule 6NYCRR Part 365-1.2(b)(13)(i)
  • CDC Procedural Guidance on the Proper Packaging of Highly Infectious Waste
  • EU Hazardous Waste Directive
  • International WHO directive for Safe Management of Healthcare Waste for Autoclaving and/or Incineration

Though they are designed for use in BSL-3 and BSL-4 research labs, autoclavable biohazard bags may also be used in the biotech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical research, government, and OEM part manufacturing industries to handle hazardous materials as necessary.

Autoclavable hazardous waste bags are available from Interstate Advanced Materials in nine different sizes. Save 30%+ on autoclavable biohazard bags and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about how autoclavable bags can help safely neutralize and dispose of hazardous materials, call the material experts at (800) 742-3444.

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