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Chlorinated PVC Offers Cost-Effective Solution for High-Temperature Applications

PVC is a versatile material with excellent chemical resistance, high strength, and durability. However, PVC's maximum operating temperature of approximately 140F prevents it from remaining stable in applications where the ambient temperature regularly exceeds that. While materials with similar properties can handle higher temperatures without issue, they are not nearly as cost-effective as PVC. Interstate Plastics now offers Chlorinated PVC, or CPVC, as a cost-effective solution for high heat applications where standard PVC properties are desired, but where general-purpose PVC cannot function as intended.

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After chlorinated PVC undergoes chlorination, it achieves a higher heat resistance and more flexibility than standard PVC. With a maximum service temperature of 200F, CPVC can operate in environments up to 60F hotter than standard PVC. It is a self-extinguishing material and has a fire rating of V-0 under UL94 standards.

CPVC may be used as insulation for electronics or other electrical applications due to its much higher dielectric strength versus standard PVC. In addition to its higher temperature tolerance and stronger electrical properties, CPVC shares many characteristics with standard PVC, including its excellent resistance to chemicals and corrosion, impact strength, and low water absorption.

Easily fabricated, machined, welded, or formed, CPVC is recommended for high heat applications up to 200F. It finds use in construction, manufacturing, and plumbing industries to make pumps and valve bodies, gaskets, seat strips, high heat machined parts, profiles, insulation, and piping.

CPVC from Interstate Plastics is available as rod and sheet. For more information about CPVC and its advantageous properties compared to standard PVC or to find the right material for your application, call a plastics expert at (888) 768-5759.

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