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Combat Robotics Utilize UHMW to Shield Internal Systems From Damage

Natural UHMW SheetCombat robotics, a competitive sport where custom-built machines fight to incapacitation, has gained popularity in recent years. Combat robots require strong armor so they can survive longer and defend internal components from blunt impacts and attacks. Lightweight and impact resistant UHMW is an excellent material for the construction of combat robot armor.

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Jason is a robotics and 3D printing hobbyist who shares his designs and build projects on his Youtube channel RockoRobotics. In a series of videos detailing the process of building his own combat robot, he created armor out of UHMW.

Jason needed a solution that could withstand repeated impacts, protect internal systems from damage, and keep the robot lightweight so it could compete within its designated weight class. He selected a 1/16" sheet of UHMW for the machine's armor.

UHMW's light weight compared to steel, along with its high resistance to wear and abrasion, made it the perfect material for the robot's armor. Unlike steel armor, which does not absorb impacts well and will not stop the robot from moving when hit, UHMW armor can absorb the impact of an opponent's spinning blades.

Jason was impressed at how easy UHMW was to fabricate and form into the right shape for his battle robot. Completing the armor brought him one step closer to entering local tournaments and competitions.

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