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Data Center Containment Systems Rely on Polycarbonate Twinwall

Clear Polycarbonate Twinwall SheetTo keep the Power Usage Effectiveness, or PUE, of data centers as close to optimal as possible, regulating the flow of cold and hot air into and out of the servers is critical. Though traditional open air hot and cold aisles were once the standard for data centers, they have gradually been replaced by containment systems that optimize the flow of air in data centers. For containment systems to work, panels with excellent thermal resistance are necessary to form the barriers that separate cold and hot air and keep heat from transferring from the hot aisle into the cold aisle. Polycarbonate twinwall sheets from Interstate Advanced Materials have the essential thermal properties necessary to act as data center containment panels.

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Polycarbonate twinwall can withstand a wide range of temperatures without a reduction in effectiveness or loss of physical properties. From -40°F to 240°F, twinwall sheets will continue to insulate and protect any servers placed behind it. This flexibility in temperature allows polycarbonate twinwall to work in both cold and hot environments. Thanks to the hollow flutes in its structure, twinwall is an excellent thermal insulator; it contains the vast majority of heat in a hot aisle without transferring it to adjacent cold aisles. Its diffusive properties also help keep the temperatures of each aisle stable by stopping pockets of hot air, or "hot spots," from forming in the contained aisles.

As a Class A fire-rated material, twinwall is flame retardant and will continue to protect the servers even in the face of smoke and fire. With this excellent flame resistance, twinwall helps minimize the damage to adjacent aisles or the rest of the data center by slowing the spread of smoke and flames and assists in containing them to a single aisle to protect the rest of the servers. In the event that servers become unstable due to heat and fall or smash into the containment walls, polycarbonate twinwall's impressive impact resistance will prevent any damage to the containment panels.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers polycarbonate twinwall in sheet stock shapes. Save up to 30% on polycarbonate twinwall and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about polycarbonate twinwall and how it can fit your containment system needs, call a material expert at (800)-742-3444.

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