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Elevating Signage Design in Any Environment

Renovo-HIPS™ Post Consumer High Impact Polystyrene SheetSignage and display manufacturers seek weatherable and easily workable materials that allow for the creation of eye-catching products for indoor and outdoor use. Interstate Advanced Materials offers a selection of versatile and long-lasting materials for custom signage and displays including HDU Precision Board, HDPE ColorCore®, and Renovo-HIPS™.

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HDU Precision Board is made from high density urethane that surpasses the weatherability of wood. It won't absorb moisture or rot, crack, and peel when used as outdoor signage and lasts up to ten times longer than wood. Precision board is suitable for a diverse set of climates and weathers, including high humidity, rain, snow, ice, and arid environments with temperatures up to 200?F. Beyond standard signage, HDU Precision Board is used in model making, sculptures, and pattern making.

HDPE ColorCore® sheet is comprised of a single colored core sandwiched between two thin layers of a different color for easy engraving and machining of attractive and colorful signage and Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays. The colors are embedded into the plastic during the manufacturing process, ensuring that ColorCore® sheets will remain vibrant and won't fade even under long-term sunlight exposure. HDPE ColorCore® is water resistant and will not rot, crack, warp, or splinter like wooden signage.

Renovo-HIPS™ is a 25% recycled high impact polystyrene (HIPS) sheet that retains the same properties as non-recycled polystyrene, including its high impact resistance and easy of thermoformability. Like standard polystyrene, it is easily workable and may be drilled, sheared, machined, punched, sawed, and drilled into custom shapes or designs. Renovo-HIPS™ accepts both ink and paint and can be printed on to create custom signage and displays.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers a variety of materials for signage and display manufacturing in addition to HDU Precision Board, HDPE ColorCore®, and Renovo-HIPS™. Sign shops and display manufacturers seeking savings on material costs can save 30%+ on signage and display materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about signage materials and which might best fit your application, speak to a material expert at 800-742-3444.

Interstate Advanced Materials is a full-line distributor of sheet, rod, tube, bar, film, profile, and accessories, tools, and care products. With 10 locations nationwide and an online sales and support team, Interstate Advanced Materials provides full sheets and pallets, simple cut-to-size service, and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Advanced Materials is known for its reputation of selling high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, and superior technical support. Our products and services are available using the safe, secure, and convenient purchasing system on the Interstate Advanced Materials website. For instant help, we're always a phone call away at (800) 742-3444.


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