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Fatigue Resistant Materials Extend Part Life In Automotive, Manufacturing Applications

NorPLY? 1002 SheetCompanies in the automotive and general manufacturing industries look to extend component life to increase production uptime, cycles, and output. These components undergo numerous amounts of cycles or loads over time and require materials with specific physical properties like fatigue resistance to endure the wear from prolonged use and maximize the service life of the part. Materials like NorPLY? feature high fatigue resistance and minimal stress abrasion, making them uniquely suited for use in fatigue-intensive and high strain applications. Previously available in full sheet options only, Interstate Advanced Materials now offers custom cut-to-size options for NorPLY? 1002.

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NorPLY? 1002 is a glass epoxy composite material designed for the fatigue-intensive and high-strain applications seen in a number of industries, including the automotive and general manufacturing industries. It features excellent resistance to corrosion, fatigue, and chemicals along with fantastic impact strength and a high energy storage capacity that outperforms 1060 spring steel. Its unique non-woven parallel filament design minimizes the stress abrasion that may cause shorter fatigue life in other reinforced plastics. NorPLY? is weatherable and is fit for use in harsh environments as its dimensional stability is unaffected in cold, hot, wet, and dry conditions. Unlike steel, it cannot rust, and its lighter weight allows NorPLY? between 10% and 60% weight reduction compared to steel.

NorPLY? 1002 is used in the automotive and general manufacturing industries as the material for vibratory springs and automotive springs. Its excellent fatigue resistance makes it well-suited for other fatigue-intensive applications, including rail joints, flexible couplings, shocks and struts, furniture springs, and insulation spacers. NorPLY?'s properties also make it well-suited for high strain applications.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers NorPLY? 1002 in custom cut-to-size options and full sheets. Save 30%+ on NorPLY? and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. For more information on NorPLY? and how its fatigue resistance allows it to increase part life in fatigue-intensive applications, call a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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