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FDA Compliant Material Solutions for Process Expo 2023

TECAFORM AH UD Blue PlateInterstate Advanced Materials presents material solutions for the food and beverage processing industry ahead of Process Expo in Chicago, Illinois, from October 23rd to October 25th. Process Expo is a global trade show and exhibition where food and beverage processing professionals gather to learn about the latest advancements, equipment, and technologies for improving the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of food production.

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Interstate Advanced Materials supplies the food and beverage processing industry with innovative solutions such as ultra-detectable TECAFORM® AH UD Blue Plate. TECAFORM® AH UD Blue Plate is a copolymer acetal sheet specifically formulated for use in food contact applications. Food production lines detect unwanted particulates in the product using one of the three standard detection processes: optical scanners that easily detect blue material, metal detection equipment, or X-ray equipment. TECAFORM® AH UD Blue is the first multi-detectable plastic that will show up regardless of which of the three particulate detection methods are used.

HDPE cutting boards are widely favored in the food and beverage processing sector. Cutting boards made of HDPE offer exceptional durability and chemical resistance. Unlike wooden alternatives, HDPE cutting boards will not absorb moisture, bacteria, odors, or mildew. Dishwasher safe and impervious to splintering, cracking, rotting, or warping over time, HDPE cutting boards are USDA and FDA approved for kitchens, food product molds, and other food preparation applications.

Excelon Excelprene food process tubing is another solution Interstate Advanced Materials provides to the food and beverage processing industry. Excelprene meets FDA, 3-A, and NSF requirements and is designed to handle the variable temperatures seen in food and dairy processing. Its excellent resistance to harsh chemicals, acids, alkalis, and both animal and vegetable oils makes it easy to clean. Unlike traditional rubber tubing, Excelprene will not crack or deteriorate when exposed to high heat or ozone over prolonged periods of time.

Interstate Advanced Materials looks forward to connecting with food and beverage processing professionals ahead of Process Expo and remains dedicated to helping food and beverage processing specialists learn more about the benefits of plastics and other composite materials.

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