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Glass Epoxy Composite Surpasses Steel In Fatigue-Intensive Applications

NorPLY™ SheetNorPLY™ 1002 (previously known as ScotchPLY and CyPLY®) is a glass epoxy composite material with a unique nonwoven parallel filament composition. Its parallel filaments minimize the stress placed on each filament, which has the benefit of increasing the material's fatigue life. Made with continuous e-glass filaments, NorPLY™ may be manufactured in unidirectional, cross-ply, or isotropic fiber orientations that change the balance of its properties. Interstate Advanced Materials now offers unidirectional NorPLY™ for high fatigue load applications.

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NorPLY™ 1002 is designed for higher performance and longer component life in fatigue-intensive or high-strain applications than similar composite materials. High resistance to corrosion, fatigue, and chemicals and impressive impact strength allow NorPLY™ to replace metal and reduce downtime in harsh environments. Its energy storage capacity outperforms 1060 spring steel and its lighter weight offers between 10% and 60% weight reduction compared to steel components depending on the application. These characteristics make NorPLY™ an excellent material for making fatigue-resistant parts such as vibratory springs or flexible couplings.

In agriculture, NorPLY™ is used in almond and pistachio hulling and processing components. In forestry and mining industries, it is used in parts for shaker tables to separate feed materials. Other applications include vibratory springs and flexible couplings. NorPLY™'s properties make it well-suited for insulated rail joints, insulation spacers, furniture springs, dock shelter staves, shocks and struts, and many more.

NorPLY™ is recommended for high fatigue loads or demanding applications where high strain may be a concern. NorPLY™ is available from Interstate Advanced Materials as full 48" x 72" sheets with custom sizes available upon request. Interstate Advanced Materials offers wholesale pricing membership for NorPLY™ and material purchasing. For more information about NorPLY™ or cut-to-size service, call Interstate Advanced Materials at (800) 742-3444.

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