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HDPE Marine Board Replaces Wood In Motorboat Flooring

King StarBoardBoats are a time-tested method for travel and exploration, but require routine maintenance due to the constant exposure to saltwater and various environmental factors like wind and the sun. Wood is a popular material for boat construction and boat repair, but its tendency to warp, rot, or deform after prolonged exposure to water and the elements can cause issues and require replacement of the compromised part. King StarBoard? marine grade HDPE offers a durable, weatherable, and long-lasting alternative to wood for boat construction.

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Michael is a boating enthusiast who shares his build and repair projects on his Youtube channel RMD Creations. In one of his most popular segments called "Michael?s Backyard Marina," he replaced the damaged flooring of his motorboat.

Michael previously installed marine-grade plywood for the boat?s flooring, but due to age and repeated exposure to water, the flooring was showing signs of severe rot. To replace the damaged floor, he selected King StarBoard® HDPE sheet. "I wanted something that was permanent, more weather resistant," Michael explained.

King StarBoard®'s outstanding weatherability, impact resistance, and low maintenance made the material an excellent match for the boat?s flooring and provided Michael with a solution to last for decades.

Michael was impressed by how easy it was to install and clean the new flooring. He took his motorboat out onto the open water the following weekend due to the project's quick completion.

To learn more about King StarBoard® and how to purchase the material used in Michael?s project, call Interstate Advanced Materials today at (800) 742-3444 to talk with a material expert.

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