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Heat Stabilized Nylon Increases Longevity of Machined Parts

Blue Cast Nylon XHA SheetNylon offers many advantages for applications requiring high abrasion and wear resistance ? it combines toughness, dimensional stability, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and a low coefficient of friction into a versatile and widely used material for metal component replacement. However, standard nylon's physical properties begin to degrade in high temperatures, making it unusable in high temperature environments. Interstate Advanced Materials offers blue heat stabilized cast nylon XHA as a solution for applications requiring wear- and high temperature-resistant materials.

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Cast nylon XHA is heat stabilized blue nylon 6 available in sheet and tube shapes. The addition of heat stabilizers allows cast nylon XHA to resist the degradation of physical properties that occurs with other nylon grades in higher temperature environments. It is able to operate in temperatures up to 250?F with no loss in physical characteristics and is features the same excellent wear and abrasion resistance that as standard cast nylon. Cast nylon XHA is equivalent to MC901 Blue.

Cast nylon XHA is easily machinable and is used to replace metal components in applications where wear and abrasion resistance are required in elevated temperature environments. Cast nylon XHA extends part life and is used to machine custom bearings, bushings, gears, nozzles, and wear pads with superior wear and abrasion resistance.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers blue cast nylon XHA in multiple thicknesses and dimensions up to 48" x 120". Save 30%+ on cast nylon XHA and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about cast nylon XHA and its high temperature properties or to find a solution that fits your elevated temperature application, speak to a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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