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Innovative Material Solutions Ahead of Smilecon® 2023

Natural PEEK SheetInterstate Advanced Materials highlights innovative material solutions for the dental industry ahead of SmileCon® 2023. The annual trade show, hosted by the American Dental Association, is set to take place in Orlando, Florida, from October 5th to October 7th. SmileCon® provides a valuable platform for dental professionals to connect and showcases the latest products, technology, and innovations in the field of oral health.

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Interstate Advanced Materials provides the dental industry with high-performance products like PEEK plastic. PEEK is a biocompatible material with a high strength-to-weight ratio and radiolucency reminiscent of bone. These excellent properties combine with PEEK's flexibility and ease of machinability to make a preferred material for dental restorations and implants, including brackets, aligners, prosthetic components, and healing abutments. Dental restorations crafted from PEEK offer the advantage of reduced risk of irritation and enhanced patient comfort compared to metal restorations.

PMMA discs designed for dental milling machines are another versatile solution frequently utilized by the dental sector. Clear PMMA discs are impact resistant, FDA compliant, and biocompatible. Also known as acrylic, PMMA discs feature flat-shouldered surfaces on both sides, ensuring uniform thickness when milled. These discs are intended for use with CAD or CAM dental milling machines that can offer the precision necessary to produce dental restoration devices that perfectly align with a patient?s mouth impressions or digital scans. PMMA discs may be machined into occlusal splints, dentures, clear retainers, and other dental restoration devices.

Interstate Advanced Materials supplies materials tailored for dental practices, including antimicrobial MediGrade® HDPE sheet. Featuring built-in zinc-based antimicrobial properties and UV stabilization, MediGrade® HDPE defends against fungi, odor- and stain-causing bacteria, and algae without leaching toxins into the environment. Unlike other antimicrobial materials, MediGrade®'s zinc technology is permanent and will last for the product's lifespan. MediGrade® shares standard HDPE's properties and won't rust, rot, or delaminate.

Interstate Advanced Materials will continue to work with dental professionals in preparation for SmileCon® 2023 to help address the most pressing industry challenges and explore innovative material solutions. The company remains committed to helping dentists and other related experts deepen their understanding of the benefits offered by plastics and other composite materials.

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