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Keep Out the Cold Using Polycarbonate Twinwall In Cold Frames

Polycarbonate TwinwallCaring for a garden can foster a better lifestyle by helping reduce stress and encourage healthier eating habits. However, when the seasons change and colder weather begins to creep in, maintaining a garden becomes a difficult task.

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Chuck is a homesteader in Ohio and one of the pillars of the Youtube channel This Ohio Farmhouse. He wanted to challenge himself by finding a way to continue growing vegetables in his garden during the winter without using a greenhouse. Chuck decided that the best course of action for his garden was to build a cold frame - a transparent-roofed enclosure used to protect plants from winter’s cold temperatures and biting winds.

For this project, Chuck chose 6mm thick polycarbonate twinwall panels to construct the enclosure. He picked polycarbonate twinwall for the transparent panels because of the material’s excellent light transmission and insulation properties. Chuck noted that twinwall’s multi-panel design is perfect for letting sunlight in and trapping the warmth needed for optimal plant growth.

When constructing the wooden structure for the cold frame, Chuck decided to angle the twinwall panels slightly upward to allow for any unwanted water or dirt trapped in the panels to be drained out easily.

After finishing the construction of the cold frame and considering the best direction for it to face, Chuck recommended his viewers place their frame south, as it is the most beneficial position to allow the sunlight in and create the warm conditions essential for growing.

Chuck’s material selection and gardening knowledge helped create a project sure to provide him a bountiful winter harvest.

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