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Maximum Detectability in Food Processing with FDA Acetal

TECAFORM® AH UD BlueThe food processing industry requires that products only touch FDA compliant materials during production. Materials for replacement parts that offer increased traceability, consistency, quality, and safe food production are essential for food processing companies looking to better detect foreign matter in the production line and ensure that their products remain compliant. Interstate Advanced Materials offers TECAFORM® AH UD Blue, an ultra detectable acetal material suitable for FDA compliant food processing parts and applications.


TECAFORM® AH UD Blue is a FDA compliant food-grade acetal copolymer. Like general purpose acetal, it is easily machined and has great mechanical properties, including very low moisture absorption and good dimensional stability. FDA approved "food grade" materials have compositions that make them safe for food contact, but these materials are generally detectable by only one or two of the three standard methods used to detect unwanted particulate matter in food. Food grade materials come in different colors but are most commonly blue due to ease of visibility among processed products and conveyor belt lines. Unlike other blue food-grade materials, TECAFORM® AH UD Blue is the first food-grade material that is detectable by all three of the standard particulate detection methods: optical scanners tuned for detecting blue particles, metal detection, and X-ray detection.

TECAFORM® AH UD Blue has many uses in the food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. It is used to replace parts in food processing systems, including parts for high-speed conveyor belts and beverage filling systems. It is utilized for wear applications and machined into replacement parts to replace metals or non-detectable materials in food processing, food technology, food engineering, and general conveyor technology. TECAFORM® AH UD Blue can even be used to machine replacement parts for paper machinery and packaging machinery.

TECAFORM® AH UD Blue is available in sheet and rod shapes. Save up to 30% off TECAFORM® AH UD Blue and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about TECAFORM® AH UD Blue or other FDA compliant food-grade products, talk to a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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