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MediGrade® HDPE Sheet is a Safe Antimicrobial Solution for Medical Applications

MediGrade from Interstate PlasticsMedical and pharmaceutical fields require sterile, microbe-free environments, and the need for microbe-resistant devices and surfaces in medical applications is more critical than ever. To meet the rising demand for microbe-resistant plastic, Interstate Plastics now offers MediGrade® HDPE sheet with advanced antimicrobial technology.

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MediGrade® HDPE sheet comes with built-in proprietary zinc-based antimicrobial technology that wards the sheet's surface against bacteria, algae, and fungi that can cause stains and odors. Unlike other antimicrobial solutions, MediGrade® 's antimicrobial features are inherent to the sheet itself, not a coating.

While other antimicrobial solutions will eventually have their microbe-resistant coating wear away, MediGrade® sheet will continue to protect against bacterial degradation for its lifespan. This makes MediGrade® perfect for constructing medical or pharmaceutical furniture where maximum protection is crucial, such as lab cabinets, nurses' stations, or medical computer carts.

Silver or triclosan, two similar antimicrobial agents, kill microbes over time by leaching toxins or free radicals into their environment. Eliminating microbes in this manner can lead to environmental contamination or the creation of organisms resistant to toxins or free radicals. MediGrade® 's antimicrobial protection instead ruptures the microbe's cell wall to produce a similar effect without the toxicity or leaching, ensuring the environment remains uncontaminated and avoiding potential resistant microbes. Its active ingredient is EPA registered and accepted for use in polymers and plastics.

MediGrade® HDPE sheets are environmentally stable and will not rot, delaminate, or rust when exposed to UV rays, humid climates, or water. They are suitable for use even in the harshest outdoor conditions and can be fabricated with standard woodworking tools.

Interstate Plastics offers MediGrade® HDPE sheets in 4 colors with a matte gloss finish: White, Seafoam, Sanshade, and Dolphin Gray. For more information on MediGrade® 's uses in the medical and pharmaceutical fields or other antimicrobial plastics, call a plastics expert at (888)-768-5759.

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