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Wholesale pricing plans maximize your savings with 30%+ off all material purchases.

  • Save money with 30% off our online catalog
  • Save time with easy reordering and bill pay
  • Grow your business with purchasing analytics
  • Optimize cash flow by dividing payments into installments and pay-by-invoice on approval

Interstate Advanced Materials membership pays for itself

Ensure your membership pays for itself by seeing savings down to the penny. Customers often recoup the yearly cost of membership in just two orders. What's the catch?—none, our aim is to build a long-term relationship that makes us your go-to in material solutions.

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"I signed up for the discounts, but being able to quickly place POs online and get back to work has saved me so much time and frustration ... time is money and Interstate is saving me both." —Jeff N.

Online bill pay and advanced purchasing tools

Access a suite of features in your online portal. Use your portal to share or store documents, reorder in a couple clicks, add additional users to create a purchasing workflow, and so much more. Customers with terms can even submit P/Os and pay bills online.

Pay bills through your Interstate Advanced Materials portal.

"Bigger vendors wouldn't give our fabrication shop the time of day. Our service rep listens to my concerns and gives us the tools and knowledge we need to complete our projects." —Rayford R.

Save even more with material-specific contract pricing

Pick specific items for even more savings. Enterprise tier members receive additional discounts through available negotiable contract pricing based on purchase frequency and volume.

Interstate Advanced Materials shipping discounts are shown on every order.

"30% off material costs allowed us to get back to fabricating instead of shopping for price. It's not easy maintaining a supply chain, but Interstate Advanced Materials sure made it a lot easier!" —Jamie T.

Membership Tiers


Business Tier Membership
  • 10% Discounted Pricing
  • Cut-to-Size Included
  • Access Dedicated Experts
  • Generate & manage P/Os online


Wholesale Tier Membership
  • 20% Discounted Pricing
  • Cut-to-Size Included
  • Generate & manage P/Os online
  • Access Dedicated Experts


Enterprise Tier Membership
  • 30% Discounted Pricing
  • Contract Pricing Available
  • Advanced Payment Gateway
  • All lower tier benefits and more!






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