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Mirror Acrylic Improves the Aesthetic of Displays and Home Decor

2424 Blue Mirror Acrylic SheetArtists and hobbyists constantly look for materials that will help inspire them and bring their dreams to life. Mirror acrylic is a vibrant and versatile solution that empowers DIYers to bring a fresh artistic perspective to their projects. With strong reflective properties and a good balance of strength and workability, mirror acrylic opens up exciting possibilities for creative exploration.

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Trevor Wanamaker is a hobbyist on YouTube who uses his background in 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and engineering to create impressive woodworking and laser projects. On his channel "Maker Experiment," Trevor took his friend's custom turntable drawing and transformed it into an attractive art installation.

Trevor needed a laser-compatible material that could bring out the color and intricate details of the turntable art. He ultimately decided on 1/8-inch mirror acrylic in both blue and silver because it would create a striking contrast against the matte black acrylic base. "This custom artwork is a cool and unique way to think about mirrors in the house and home decor in general," Trevor commented.

Mirror acrylic proved to be a great fit for Trevor's project due to its exceptional optical properties and superior strength in comparison to glass. Trevor was impressed by the outcome of the acrylic turntable art. "I think it turned out pretty well!" he exclaimed.

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