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New Sustainable Polystyrene Viable for Signage, Model Making, & Prototyping

Renovo-HIPS<sup>™</sup> White Post-Consumer High Impact Polystyrene SheetRenovo-HIPS, a new post-consumer polystyrene material from Interstate Advanced Materials, is a more sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to virgin high-impact polystyrene (HIPS). Made from a blend of 25% recycled polystyrene content and virgin resin, Renovo-HIPS features the same properties as standard high-impact polystyrene and replaces HIPS in signage, model-making, and prototyping applications.

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Renovo-HIPS is an impact-resistant polystyrene sheet that is sustainable without compromise: it is a post-consumer reprocessed material with comparable properties to non-recycled polystyrene. Like virgin styrene, Renovo-HIPS is relatively cost-effective compared to similar materials and has good mechanical properties that make it easy to machine and fabricate. It may be punched, threaded, sawed, sheared, drilled, machined, and cut with standard equipment. Renovo-HIPS has excellent thermoforming properties and can be bent with heat into custom shapes. It accepts both paint and ink and is easy to print on, making it a preferred material for signage applications. Renovo-HIPS is made from 25% recycled material and may be recycled again after use as a post-consumer or post-industrial product.

Renovo-HIPS replaces non-recycled polystyrene in many applications that do not require food contact. It is favored for applications involving signage, retail or Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays, electronics enclosures, models, prototypes, and other applications requiring impact resistance and good paint or ink adhesion. Renovo-HIPS is not FDA-approved for food contact and should not be used for food applications.

Renovo-HIPS is an exclusive Interstate Advanced Materials product and is a sustainable alternative to HIPS. Save 30%+ on Renovo-HIPS and all material purchases with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To determine if Renovo-HIPS is the right fit for your application or to hear more about Renovo-HIPS and other sustainable material options, call a material expert at (800) 742-3444.

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