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Nyloil® Cast Nylon Extends Part Life in Wet Environments


Nyloil® Cast NylonEngineering and industrial industries utilize nylon 66 due to favorable mechanical characteristics, including high strength, wear resistance, toughness, and dimensional stability. A rigid machinable thermoplastic, cast nylon is incredibly versatile, has good availability compared to other plastics, and is frequently used to replace metal bushings and bearings.

However, there are applications where neither metal nor standard nylon can be lubricated due to high moisture or wet environments. As a solution, Interstate Plastics offers a self-lubricating Nyloil® cast nylon sheet, rod, and tube for use in these extended wet or humid conditions.

Nyloil® is a self-lubricating nylon material made of an oil-based lubricant and cast nylon. It is carefully dispersed with lubricant to create a high crystalline, internally homogeneously lubricated, high-strength polymer during the manufacturing process.

Self-lubrication provides this oil-filled nylon with a 25% lower coefficient of friction than other nylon grades and allows it to continue working in wet conditions, such as marine applications. The oil won't spin out, dry out, or drain out even in the harshest operating conditions. The standard grade of Nyloil® is not FDA compliant, but FDA-approved food-grade versions of Nyloil® are available upon request.

Nyloil® sees use in various industrial, marine, and commercial applications where self-lubrication, strength, wear resistance, and dimensional stability are essential. Nyloil® parts replacing metal counterparts in many power transmission applications allows for long part life and noise reduction. It can be machined into an array of different parts, including bushings, bearings, gears, pulleys, rollers, wheels, wear rails, wear strips, and wear pads.

To learn more about Nyloil® or other materials best suited to bearing or wear applications, call the plastics experts at (888) 768-5759.

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