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Nylon Innovations Allow Larger Parts to Take On High-Friction Industrial Applications

Interstate Plastics Clearance Sheet and RodNylatron® NSM was developed for applications where larger-sized parts are required. This innovative self-lubricating material boasts the highest wear resistance of any thermoplastic, lasting up to 10 times longer than standard type 6 nylon. It is just one of many innovative Nylatron® products offered by Interstate Plastics, allowing nylon to gain influence in widespread use among industrial applications.

Designed for load-bearing, wear, and high-heat applications, Nylatron® nylon materials from Interstate Plastics feature exceptionally high stiffness and dimensional stability. Nylatron® is corrosion and moisture resistant, lightweight, and creates less noise when compared to the same part made from metal.

Thanks to its combination of toughness, dimensional stability, and versatility, Nylatron® nylon products are utilized in industrial applications, including gears, sprockets, bearings, and other power transmission components.

Nylatron® MC901 Blue is heat-stabilized cast nylon that offers long-term thermal stability up to 260F. Compared to the Nylatron® NSM, it has better electrical resistance properties while also offering good mechanical properties. Typical applications for this cast nylon material include wheels, gears, and custom power transmission and wear parts. MC901 Blue's color allows potential particulates from a failing part to be detected so a replacement part may be sourced and installed early for less downtime and increased efficiency.

In contrast, Nylatron® 703XL PA6 provides wear resistance close to that of Nylatron® NSM while sporting more load-bearing capability. It is an ultra-high performance bearing grade of PA6 (Nylon 6) and has near-zero levels of "stick-slip," the point where a material stops and starts when sliding in a system – an industry first. This allows for a dramatic increase in precision for moving parts and makes Nylatron® 703XL PA6 a fantastic product for high-precision applications.

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