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Optix Mirror Tech Brings Color to POP Displays and Interior Spaces

Point of purchase displays and interior spaces have more flexibility than ever with new colorful mirror solutions offered by Interstate Plastics. A proprietary FABBACK® back-coating makes these mirror sheets the industry's toughest, providing exceptional scratch-resistance when fabricating.

Interstate Plastics offers colored acrylic mirror sheet, also known as plexiglass mirror, that is more durable than ever while only having half the weight of an equivalent glass product. Thanks to an Optix continuously processed acrylic sheet base, Interstate Plastics' acrylic mirror compensates for the noticeable weaknesses of glass. Most notable is glass's low impact resistance, which leaves glass mirrors prone to shattering when dropped or exposed to moderate impact.

In contrast, acrylic mirror sheet is flexible. It is up to 17 times stronger than glass, making it a better alternative for applications like cosmetic displays, point-of-purchase displays, interior space and architectural design, and general consumer use.

When it comes to point-of-purchase displays, acrylic mirrors are a natural choice. They can fit many displays to accentuate static backgrounds or provide better viewing angles for a product. Acrylic mirrors can serve as eye-catching colorful bases for products to sit on or act as colorful yet transparent containers. They can help display a product for viewing as a glass case while protecting it from theft. These sheets can even be used to protect art pieces and other museum displays without compromising on clarity.

Acrylic plastic sheets and mirror sheets come in a variety of vibrant colors. Interstate Plastics offers acrylic mirror sheets in red, blue, bronze, gold, rose gold, green, gray, and natural mirror. To learn more about how these acrylic mirror sheets can add color to your displays and spaces, call Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

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