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PEEK Plastic - Sheets and Rods

PolyEtherEtherKetone (PEEK) provided by Interstate Plastics is a stiff thermoplastic material with exceptional chemical and fatigue resistance and thermal stability, often used in applications where performance at extreme temperatures is necessary.

PEEK Plastic is also known by brand names including Victrex, Ketron, Tecapeek, and SustaPEEK.

PEEK Sheet

PEEK Sheet



PVC Angles

Glass 30%

Sample Packs Featuring PVC

Extreme Temperatures
Material Sample Pack

PEEK Overview

PEEK plastic is a temperature-resistant engineered machinable thermoplastic with excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance and thermal stability.

PEEK exhibits superior mechanical and electrical properties with a maximum continuous working temperature of 480F to 500F and excellent retention of mechanical properties up to 570F in a steam or high-pressure water environment.

Superior chemical resistance has allowed PEEK to work effectively as a metal/stainless steel replacement in harsh environments, and has proven to be a reliable replacement for other materials that cost up to 10 times more.

PEEK is inert to all common solvents and resists a wide range of organic and inorganic liquids. This is a versatile high performance plastic.

Extreme chemical resistance, good mechanical properties

Highly resistant to thermal degradation

Excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability

Lightweight compared to steel, aluminum and titanium

Low coefficient of friction

High wear resistance without lubrication

Low toxicity when exposed to flames

Glass filled grades are available

Outstanding wear resistance

PEEK Applications

Because of its robustness, PEEK is used to fabricate items used in demanding applications where extreme heat, pressure, and chemicals come into play.

• Bearings and Bushings

• Seals

• Pump and valve components

• Piston Parts

• HPLC columns

• Compressor plate valves

• Cable insulation

• Medical implants

• Aerospace applications and parts

• Chemical process applications

Physical Properties of PEEK
Property Unfilled 30% Glass
Density (lb/in^3) 0.047 0.056
Tensile Strength 16000 psi 15000 psi
Tensile Modulus 500 ksi 900 ksi
Flexural Strength 25000 psi 28000 psi
Flexural Modulus 600 ksi 1000 ksi
Elongation at Break 20% 3%
Water Absorption 24H 0.1-0.5% 0.1%
Izod Impact, Notched (ft-lb/in.) 1.0 1.4 - 1.84
Heat Deflection Temp. 306-320F 599F
Maximum Continuous Service Temp. 500F 482F
Melting Temp 644F 644F
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction 0.25 0.30
*Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.

Chemical Resistance of PEEK
R = Resistant | L = Limited Resistance | N = Non-Resistant
Acetaldehyde R
Acetamide R
Acetic Acid R
Acetic Acid 20% R
Acetic Acid 80% R
Acetic Acid, Glacial R
Acetone R
Acetyl Chloride (dry) R
Acetylene R
Acrylonitrile R
Alcohols:Amyl R
Alcohols:Benzyl R
Alcohols:Butyl R
Alcohols:Ethyl R
Alcohols:Hexyl R
Alcohols:Isobutyl R
Alcohols:Isopropyl R
Alcohols:Methyl R
Alcohols:Propyl R
Aluminum Chloride R
Aluminum Chloride 20% R
Aluminum Fluoride R
Aluminum Hydroxide R
Aluminum Sulfate R
Amines R
Ammonia 10% R
Ammonia, liquid L
Ammonium Acetate R
Ammonium Carbonate R
Ammonium Chloride R
Ammonium Hydroxide R
Ammonium Nitrate R
Ammonium Phosphate, Dibasic R
Ammonium Phosphate, Monobasic R
Ammonium Phosphate, Tribasic R
Ammonium Sulfate R
Ammonium Sulfite R
Ammonium Thiosulfate R
Amyl Acetate R
Amyl Alcohol R
Amyl Chloride R
Aniline R
Antimony Trichloride R
Aqua Regia (80% HCl, 20% HNO3) N
Aromatic Hydrocarbons R
Asphalt R
Barium Chloride R
Beer R
Benzaldehyde R
Benzene R
Benzene Sulfonic Acid N
Benzoic Acid R
Benzol R
Benzyl Chloride R
Bleaching Liquors R
Borax (Sodium Borate) R
Boric Acid R
Bromine N
Butadiene R
Butane R
Butanol (Butyl Alcohol) R
Butter R
Buttermilk R
Butyl Amine R
Butylacetate R
Butylene R
Butyric Acid R
Calcium Carbonate R
Calcium Chloride R
Calcium Hydroxide R
Calcium Hypochlorite R
Carbon Disulfide R
Carbon Tetrachloride R
Carbonated Water R
Carbonic Acid R
Catsup R
Chlorine (dry) R
Chlorine Water N
Chloroacetic Acid R
Chlorobenzene (Mono) R
Chloroform R
Chlorosulfonic Acid R
Chromic Acid 10% R
Chromic Acid 30% R
Chromic Acid 5% R
Chromic Acid 50% R
Citric Acid R
Copper Chloride R
Copper Sulfate >5% R
Copper Sulfate 5% R
Cream R
Cresols N
Cyanic Acid R
Cyclohexane R
Cyclohexanone R
Dichlorobenzene R
Dichloroethane R
Diesel Fuel R
Diethyl Ether R
Diethylamine R
Diethylene Glycol R
Dimethyl Formamide R
Ethane R
Ethanol R
Ether R
Ethyl Acetate R
Ethyl Chloride R
Ethyl Ether R
Ethylene Diamine R
Ethylene Dichloride R
Ethylene Glycol R
Ethylene Oxide R
Fatty Acids R
Ferric Chloride R
Ferrous Chloride R
Fluorine N
Fluosilicic Acid R
Formaldehyde 100% R
Formaldehyde 40% R
Formic Acid R
Freon 113 R
Freon 12 R
Freon 22 R
Freon® 11 R
Fruit Juice R
Fuel Oils R
Furan Resin
Furfural R
Gasoline (high-aromatic) R
Gasoline, leaded, ref. R
Gasoline, unleaded R
Gelatin R
Glucose R
Glycerin R
Grape Juice R
Grease R
Heptane R
Hexane R
Honey R
Hydraulic Oil (Petro) R
Hydraulic Oil (Synthetic) R
Hydrazine R
Hydrobromic Acid 100% N
Hydrobromic Acid 20% L
Hydrochloric Acid 100% R
Hydrochloric Acid 20% R
Hydrochloric Acid 37% R
Hydrofluoric Acid 100% N
Hydrofluoric Acid 20% L
Hydrofluoric Acid 50% N
Hydrofluoric Acid 75% N
Hydrogen Gas R
Hydrogen Peroxide 10% R
Hydrogen Peroxide 100% R
Hydrogen Peroxide 30% R
Hydrogen Peroxide 50% R
Hydrogen Sulfide (aqua) R
Hydrogen Sulfide (dry) R
Hydroquinone R
Hydroxyacetic Acid 70% R
Ink R
Iodine L
Iodoform R
Isooctane R
Isopropyl Acetate R
Isopropyl Ether R
Jet Fuel (JP3, JP4, JP5) R
Kerosene R
Ketones R
Lactic Acid R
Lard R
Latex R
Lead Acetate R
Lime R
Lithium Chloride R
Lubricants R
Lye: Ca(OH)2 Calcium Hydroxide R
Lye: KOH Potassium Hydroxide R
Lye: NaOH Sodium Hydroxide R
Magnesium Chloride R
Magnesium Hydroxide R
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts) R
Maleic Acid R
Malic Acid R
Manganese Sulfate R
Mayonnaise R
Mercuric Chloride (dilute) R
Mercurous Nitrate R
Mercury R
Methane R
Methanol (Methyl Alcohol) R
Methyl Acetate R
Methyl Bromide R
Methyl Chloride R
Methyl Ethyl Ketone R
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone R
Methylamine R
Methylene Chloride R
Milk R
Mineral Spirits R
Molasses R
Morpholine R
Motor oil R
Mustard R
Naphtha R
Naphthalene R
Natural Gas R
Nickel Chloride R
Nickel Sulfate R
Nitric Acid (20%) L
Nitric Acid (50%) N
Nitric Acid (5-10%) R
Nitric Acid (Concentrated) N
Nitrobenzene R
Nitrogen Fertilizer R
Nitromethane R
Nitrous Oxide R
Oils:Diesel Fuel (20, 30, 40, 50) R
Oils:Fuel (1, 2, 3, 5A, 5B, 6) R
Oils:Transformer R
Oils:Turbine R
Oleic Acid R
Oleum 100% N
Oleum 25% L
Oxalic Acid (cold) R
Ozone R
Palmitic Acid R
Paraffin R
Pentane R
Perchloric Acid R
Perchloroethylene R
Petrolatum R
Petroleum R
Phenol (10%) R
Phenol (Carbolic Acid) L
Phosphoric Acid (>40%) R
Phosphoric Acid (crude) R
Phosphoric Acid (molten) R
Phosphoric Acid (Å 40%) R
Phosphorus Trichloride R
Phthalic Acid R
Picric Acid R
Potash (Potassium Carbonate) R
Potassium Bicarbonate R
Potassium Bromide R
Potassium Chlorate R
Potassium Chloride R
Potassium Cyanide Solutions R
Potassium Dichromate R
Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash) R
Potassium Permanganate R
Potassium Sulfate R
Potassium Sulfide R
Propane (liquefied) R
Propylene R
Propylene Glycol R
Pyridine R
Pyrogallic Acid N
Resorcinal N
Rosins R
Rum R
Salad Dressings R
Salicylic Acid N
Salt Brine (NaCl saturated) R
Sea Water R
Silicone R
Silver Nitrate R
Soap Solutions R
Soda Ash (see Sodium Carbonate) R
Sodium Acetate R
Sodium Bicarbonate R
Sodium Bisulfate R
Sodium Bisulfite R
Sodium Borate (Borax) R
Sodium Carbonate R
Sodium Chlorate R
Sodium Chloride R
Sodium Chromate R
Sodium Cyanide R
Sodium Hydroxide (20%) R
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) R
Sodium Hydroxide (80%) R
Sodium Hypochlorite (<20%) R
Sodium Hypochlorite (100%) R
Sodium Nitrate R
Sodium Polyphosphate R
Sodium Sulfate R
Sodium Sulfide R
Sodium Sulfite R
Sodium Tetraborate R
Sodium Thiosulfate (hypo) R
Soy Sauce R
Starch R
Stearic Acid R
Styrene R
Sugar (Liquids) R
Sulfur Chloride R
Sulfur Dioxide R
Sulfur Dioxide (dry) R
Sulfur Hexafluoride R
Sulfur Trioxide R
Sulfur Trioxide (dry) R
Sulfuric Acid (<10%) R
Sulfuric Acid (10-75%) N
Sulfuric Acid (75-100%) N
Sulfuric Acid (cold concentrated) N
Sulfuric Acid (hot concentrated) N
Sulfurous Acid R
Sulfuryl Chloride R
Tallow R
Tannic Acid R
Tartaric Acid R
Tetrachloroethane L
Tetrachloroethylene R
Tetrahydrofuran R
Toluene (Toluol) R
Tomato Juice R
Trichloroacetic Acid L
Trichloroethane R
Trichloroethylene R
Tricresylphosphate L
Triethylamine R
Turpentine R
Urea R
Uric Acid R
Urine R
Varnish R
Vegetable Juice R
Vinegar R
Vinyl Acetate R
Vinyl Chloride R
Water, Acid, Mine R
Water, Deionized R
Water, Distilled R
Water, Fresh R
Water, Salt R
Weed Killers R
Whey R
Whiskey & Wines R
White Liquor (Pulp Mill) R
White Water (Paper Mill) R
Xylene R
Zinc Chloride R
*Values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Typically accurate at 73F. Field testing should be performed to find the actual values for your application.


PEEK Sheet - Natural
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
PEEK Rod - Natural
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
PEEK Rod - Natural Glass 30%
PEEK is high heat resistant engineered thermoplastic with excellent chemical and fatigue resistance.
Extreme Temperatures Material Sample Pack
Includes 3x3" samples of PEEK, PTFE, and Ultem (PEI).

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