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Phenolic Composites Provide Strength, Stiffness, and Electrical Properties Necessary For Semiconductor Applications

Black CE Phenolic SheetIn the semiconductor manufacturing industry, materials with high strength, stiffness, and resistance to both electricity and the heat generated by it are critical. Phenolics are thermoset composite materials that meet these requirements ? they are strong and stiff, and many grades feature a high resistance to heat and electricity. Interstate Advanced Materials now offers 3 additional grades of black phenolic sheet for mechanical and electrical insulation applications.

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G-10 FR4 phenolic sheet consists of woven glass fabric and an epoxy resin laminate. It is resistant to heat and arc and retains its electrical properties in both dry and humid conditions. At room temperatures, this material has high impact, flexural, and bond strength and is fit for structural and electrical insulation applications like lapping carriers and terminal boards.

Canvas "CE" grade phenolic sheet is an electrical grade version of Canvas "C" phenolic. Like C grade phenolic, CE grade phenolic sheet features high strength, stiffness, and light weight. It is easily machined and is less abrasive than glass epoxy composites, making it a better fit than glass-based phenolics for wear applications. Parts made from CE grade phenolic operate with less noise than metal. Canvas CE phenolic is used to make parts for mechanical and electrical applications, including switch plates, terminal strips, and washers.

XX grade paper phenolic is comprised of kraft paper laminated with a general-purpose phenolic resin. Like other phenolic grades, XX grade phenolic is strong and stiff. It is cost-effective compared to other phenolic grades. Its good mechanical and electrical properties make XX grade paper phenolic a suitable choice for mechanical and electrical applications such as terminal strips, washers, barriers, and electrical components.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers many phenolic grades in natural and black sheet and rod stock shapes. Save 30%+ on phenolics and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. To learn more about phenolic composites and how their properties make them well-suited for electrical insulation applications in the semiconductor industry, talk to a materials expert at (800) 742-3444.

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