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Playground Equipment Materials from Interstate Plastics Facilitate Safe Outdoor Environments

Playground Equipment Materials from Interstate PlasticsChild safety during outdoor playtime begins with the materials used for playground structures. Materials like wood or metal can lead to unwanted splinters or potentially severe injuries. Metal and wood playground equipment also suffer from an inability to endure long-term weathering the elements while remaining safe to use. Enter Playboard® , colorful HDPE sheets that are child-conscious, safe to use when constructing playground equipment, and built to last. Playboard® is safe to use for playground slides, walls, ramps, roofs, and even as decorative coverings on other pieces of playground equipment.

Compared to other playground materials like natural wood or metal, Playboard® has superior weatherability: it does not absorb moisture, chip, splinter, or delaminate, making it an excellent fit for outdoor playground environments. Playboard® is UV stabilized to protect it from the long-term degradation effects of UV light.

Unlike rubber or engineered wood fibers, Playboard® plastic has excellent scratch resistance and durability to retain its aesthetic even under the rigor of repeated impacts and rough handling that can occur during playtime. It is also smooth to the touch like other HDPE sheets, reducing friction and the chance of cuts or abrasions that commonly occur with coarse and rough materials. Playboard® is easy to work with and shape using standard woodworking tools.

Aside from playground applications, Playboard® is also used for outdoor signage, and its vivid color options make it a great compliment when decorating. These beautiful HDPE sheets have been used as outdoor signs, decorations, or walls in skate parks and ice rinks, as part of outdoor cabinetry and furniture, and even as a decorative wood or metal replacement.

Playboard® is available in five vibrant colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and beige. For more information about Playboard® and other child-conscious plastic materials, call (888) 768-5759 to speak to a plastic expert.

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