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Polycarbonate Twinwall Promotes Natural Lighting In Home Remodeling

Clear Polycarbonate TwinwallMobile homes are a popular alternative to traditional houses because of their easy customization and cost-effectiveness. Although mobile homes provide freedom for design layouts, dark and narrow hallways remain a common problem for these types of dwellings. Polycarbonate twinwall is an excellent solution for remodeling the hallways of mobile homes to have a more light and open feel.

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Doug and Ashley started the Youtube channel "DIYfferent" in 2016 to share their journey of living a minimalistic and healthy lifestyle. In one of their most notable videos, they showcased twinwall?s effectiveness for replacing a missing wall in their mobile home.

The couple?s idea was to build a translucent wall to allow more light to enter the hallway. They decided on clear polycarbonate twinwall for the project. "It?s going to let light through it, but it?s going to be a diffused light," Doug explained. "You have privacy, but you have the light and it doesn?t feel like a dark paneling."

Twinwall?s exceptional flexibility, impact resistance, and light transmission made the material a great match for the replacement wall and provided the couple with an innovative long-term solution.

Doug was initially skeptical about how the wall would turn out, but after completing it, he reflected on its success, commenting "It accomplishes exactly what we wanted." The couple was particularly impressed how the twinwall let light into the hallway while retaining the privacy of the bedroom.

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