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Polyurethane Sheet Is A Superior Alternative to UHMW and Nylon For High Wear, Load-Bearing Applications

Black Cast Polyurethane SheetIn industrial settings where high impact and load-bearing applications are common, parts are subjected to intense stress and severe wear over multiple years of use. While downtime caused by parts wearing out is inevitable, downtime due to parts made from materials not suited for the environment or task at hand should be avoided to reduce potential losses. Parts made from metal, rubber, and even engineered plastics like nylon may buckle when exposed to the combination of severe wear and high impacts or loads. To alleviate this issue, Interstate Advanced Materials now offers colored polyurethane sheet for severe wear and intense load-bearing applications where metal and plastic will not hold up.

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Cast polyurethane is a strong, tough, and versatile material with impressive durability. It is lighter than metal and operates at lower noise levels due to its sound dampening properties. And unlike metal, polyurethane will not mar any objects it touches. Polyurethane is an elastomeric material that possesses shape memory and will return to its original size and shape after compression - a stark contrast to metal, which has little to no flexibility.

Polyurethane possesses several properties that make it a superior option for severe wear, high impact, or load-bearing applications. Polyurethane comes in many different durometers, or hardnesses. Where regular plastics typically lose flexibility as their hardness increases, polyurethane generally retains much of its flexibility even in its hardest durometers. A wide range of durometers allows polyurethane to fit more applications than standard plastic materials. Polyurethane resists ozone and oxygen, and its elasticity gives it excellent tensile and tear strength. This elasticity also allows polyurethane to withstand impacts and high loads that engineered plastics such as nylon and UHMW may not. It surpasses both nylon and UHMW in abrasion resistance, which extends the service life of parts made from polyurethane.

Polyurethane may be waterjet cut and die cut into custom parts such as squeegees, gaskets, washers, bushings, rings, and more. It has also seen use in industrial applications as conveyor line skirting, chute liners, belt scrapers, bumper pads, press brake pads, and flapper doors.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers polyurethane sheets in several colors. Save up to 30% on polyurethane and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. For more information on polyurethane and its advantages over metal and engineered plastics in severe wear and load-bearing applications, talk to a material expert at (800)-742-3444.

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