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Bearing and Wear Applications Rely On Low-Friction PEEK HPV from Interstate Plastics

Black PEEK HPVHigh-performance PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) is a reliable material favored for bearing applications due to its high strength, thermal stability, and chemical resistance. PEEK HPV, a specialized bearing grade, has been modified and reinforced with carbon fibers, PTFE, and graphite to lower its coefficient of friction and increase its wear characteristics past traditional PEEK's typical values. Interstate Plastics recommends PEEK HPV for technical bearing and wear applications where high temperature and flame resistance is required.

As a high-performance thermoplastic, bearing grade PEEK HPV has an incredible enhanced thermal stability due to its carbon fiber and graphite fillings. As a result, it has a maximum continuous use temperature of 500°F, an increase of 20°F compared to standard PEEK. None of its mechanical properties become compromised in extreme temperatures, even when exposed to superheated steam or high-pressure water.

Bearing grade PEEK HPV is versatile - it can run at high loads or speeds and with or without an external lubricant. PEEK HPV's excellent wear and slide properties increase overall part lifespan and are enhanced by graphite and PTFE fillings that grant it the lowest coefficient of friction of all PEEK grades. Combined with PEEK HPV's lighter weight and good resistance to chemicals, these properties make it a suitable replacement for general metal parts in hostile environments beyond the limit of what metal or other plastics would be able to withstand safely.

PEEK HPV machines into a diverse set of parts due to having the best machinability of all other grades of PEEK. These parts include rollers, gears, pump components, compressor parts, high-temperature insulators, pump wear rings, scraper blades in heat exchangers, and bushings, to name a few. Bearing grade PEEK HPV is used in the automotive, aerospace, and textile industries for bearing and wear applications.

For additional information on bearing grade high-performance PEEK HPV, its enhanced grades, or other high-performance plastics, give a plastics expert a call at (888)-768-5759.

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