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Interstate Plastics Expands Construction Material Solutions with Pile Hammer Cushions

Phenolic Pile Hammer PadOne of the most crucial aspects of construction is using pile drivers to create foundational support through slender columns, also called piles. Different materials can be used as pile hammer cushion pads to protect equipment and transmit driving forces to the pile. Interstate Plastics now offers aluminum and canvas phenolic pile hammer cushion pads that work together to provide maximum efficiency and ease of use in pile driving applications.

Canvas phenolic and nylon plastic are the primary materials used in conjunction with aluminum pile hammer cushion pads. Interstate Plastics recommends canvas phenolic over nylon, as nylon may melt, and in some cases burn, when subjected to the extreme temperatures that arise during the pile driving process. Melted nylon then has to be cleaned out of the equipment, disrupting workflow and halting progress until it is removed and replaced. This removal is a setback for the pile driver and the entire construction site, as no construction can occur until the driving process is complete.

Interstate Plastics offers a solution of aluminum and canvas phenolic pile hammer cushion pads that work in tandem during the driving process. The materials are placed opposite each other on the helmet or bucket; the helmet or bucket is then placed between the pile and hammer. The aluminum pad dissipates the extreme heat that arises due to the pile driving process, and the canvas phenolic pad reduces impact forces while transmitting the energy of the blow evenly. The pads increase part and hammer life and decrease the chances of downtime during the construction. The ratio of canvas pads to aluminum pads will vary per job. Typical ratios include one canvas phenolic pad per two aluminum pads or two canvas phenolic pads per three aluminum pads. Interstate Plastics' material experts are here to assist in finding the right balance for your application.

For information on pile hammer cushion materials such as canvas phenolic or aluminum pads, give the experts at Interstate Plastics a call at (888)-768-5759.

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