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Do More with Leister Plastic Welding Certifications

Download Leister Signup FormInterstate Plastics and Leister Technologies LLC are talking plastic welding applications ahead of training and certification classes, which will take place on October 14th through 18th and October 21st through 25th at Leister’s U.S. headquarters in Itasca, Illinois. Leister, the worldwide leader in hot gas plastic fabrication tools and equipment, will host DVS (the German Welding Society) to educate participants on a wide range of techniques, helping them excel in plastic welding, expand their knowledge base, and preparing applicants to take on additional challenges and applications.

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Thermoplastics are being used more and more for the manufacturing of sophisticated process equipment as well as for storing a wide range of chemicals and liquids. Those who complete Leister certification classes will gain a comprehensive understanding of the industries, materials used, and applications pertinent to plastic welding. Classes will also cover hot air tool handling and set-up, as well as hot gas welding processes for speed welding and extrusion welding.

Certification classes from Leister teach you to do more: topics covered include plastic welding for roofing, technical textiles and industrial fabrics, geo- and civil engineering, plastic fabrication, flooring and interior decoration, automotive, medical, electronic, and hot air processes.

Semiconductor and Wet Bench

Interstate Plastics offers Polypropylene, PVC, Halar, CPVC, PVDF, and PFA plastics, all common in the fabrication of semiconductor and wet bench applications including chemical delivery machines (CDMs), chemical collection machines, clean and rinse stations, and wafer handling systems.

Process Equipment Manufacturing

In the field of process equipment manufacture, extrusion welding with Leister hand extruders gives perfect welding seams, ideal for tanks and pipes, fans and pumps, plastic process equipment components, and tank construction. Commonly welded tanks include those for drinking, rain, and wastewater storage, as well as chemical, gas, and biogas storage.

Roofing and Flooring

PVC-P, PE, and linoleum floor coverings are easy to work with and join using Leister equipment. For roofing, common materials include Polypropylene, ECB, EVA, FPO, PO, and PIB. Leister tools make flat and pitched welding a breeze, as well as TPO and PVC roof and profile welding, EPDM membrane welding, and edge welding.

Geo- and Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering industries and applications include landfill site geomembrane layers, mining heap launching pads, plastic moisture sealing for concrete casings in tunneling, reservoirs and fish farm sealing systems, as well as thermoplastic geomembranes for artificial lakes, pond, and pools. HDPE (high-density polyethylene), polypropylene, PVC, and TPO are most common in these applications and are all provided by Interstate Plastics.

Technical Textiles and Industrial Fabrics

Industries under technical textiles and industrial fabric include signage, architectural, protective wear, inflatables, blinds and shades, tape welding, tarpaulins, fluid and gas containers, and PVC or PVDF tents for tradeshows, weddings, festivals, and other events. Within signage, plastic welding is useful for the hemming of vinyl banners and hand welding signs. Architectural applications include welding overlap and hems, ventilation hoses and flexible ventilation ducts, and taped seams. Leister also provides specialize tools for pressure rolling.

Hot Air Applications

In addition to plastic welding, Leister hot air tools offer solutions for tube, cap, coupling, and film shrinking; varnish, adhesive, and paint removal; pipe forming, shaping, and sleeving; vehicle dent removal as well as film removal and application; detachment of stuck components; and adhesive and sticker removal. Beyond receiving certification in speed welding (DVS 2212 Sub Group I-5) and extrusion welding (DVS 2212 SubGroup II-1.1), participants are encouraged to attend to further their understanding of industry applications and widen the scope of their abilities and future potential.

Applicants will receive 50% off the price of the course with the purchase of an extrusion welder, and an additional 50% for each additional class signup. Seats are limited and will be reserved on a "first come, first served" basis, so act today! Download, fill out, sign and submit the signup form to get started.

For additional information, assistance signing up, or to learn more about material solutions Interstate Plastics provides for the world of plastic welding, contact Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

For 70 years now, Leister Technologies AG has been a market and technology leader in the areas of polymer welding devices and modules for industrial process heat. The Leister brand is world-renowned for high-quality products with sophisticated technology.


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