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Interstate Plastics GPO-3 Glass-Reinforced Thermoset Effective in Electrical Insulation Applications

PO-3 Glass-Reinforced ThermosetGPO-3 is a glass-reinforced thermoset polyester with inherent properties that make the composite material well-suited for use in electrical insulation parts. General-purpose?phenolic?resins and specialized grades, such as silicone or melamine resins, have fantastic electrical qualities but are expensive for smaller projects requiring electrical insulation. For a more cost-effective electrical insulation material, Interstate Plastics recommends the?fiberglass polyester composite GPO-3.

GPO-3 is a NEMA-rated material made of fiberglass, laminated with a polyester resin instead of a general-purpose phenolic resin. GPO-3 glass polyester has similar electrical insulation properties compared to phenolic products. It features high arc and heat resistance and good mechanical strength.

GPO-3 is a UL-recognized self-extinguishing material with a UL94 rating of V-0. In addition to low smoke generation and flame spread, it has an excellent track, chemical, and impact resistance. GPO-3 withstands higher temperatures than GPO-1 and GPO-2 and exhibits stronger electrical characteristics.

Despite its similarity to phenolic, GPO-3 makes a few trade-offs with phenolic for its cost-effectiveness. It has less mechanical strength overall than similar materials coated with an epoxy/phenolic resin. Unlike phenolic's typically uniform smooth or patterned surfaces, GPO-3 may exhibit cracks on its surface due to the curing process or from thermal shock.

GPO-3 can be machined using standard metalworking equipment into parts for electrical insulation, including switchgear barriers, switchgear mounting panels, phase and end barriers, power distribution parts, high voltage appliance insulators, and parts in transit applications. Interstate Plastics recommends GPO-3 for use in indoor environments only.

Interstate Plastics offers?GPO-3 in full red 48 x 96 inch sheet. Channels are also available. To learn more about GPO-3 and how it can serve as cost-effective electrical insulation for your project, give Interstate Plastics a call at (888)-768-5759.

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