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Interstate Plastics Highlights Cutting-Edge Plastic Fabrication & Routing Solutions

Onsrud high-quality routing tools.Plastic and plastic composite materials are more diverse than ever, with many specialized grades continually released to meet the demands of technical applications. With that diversity in materials comes the need for new high-quality cutting or routing tools with the ability to machine a variety of materials as precisely and efficiently as possible. Interstate Plastics now offers LMT Onsrud router bits, the most accurate and efficient routing solutions on the market, for use with a wide variety of plastics and composites.

LMT Onsrud router bits offered by Interstate Plastics set the industry standard for high-quality routing and cutting tools. Made from solid carbide, these router bits require less sharpening and have more extended longevity than similar routing tools. The quality of each cut is superior, resulting in a smooth finish for the fabricated part.

When it comes to cutting plastic with router bits via hand or CNC routers, the geometry and tooling of the bit are critical. Each bit has specially designed geometry to cut specific types of plastics efficiently and cleanly. For example, soft plastics may be cut with an "O" flute design or with high helix geometry to create a smooth finish and ensure that the chips flow upward or downward depending on the tooling.

Adversely, cutting material like PEEK requires a router bit with a "Z" or "V" flute design to achieve the same finish and ease of chip removal. The tooling of the router bit — straight or spiral — determines how the chips move during the cutting process.

Interstate Plastics offers individual router bits, drill bits, and CNC kits, that can cut plastics, including PEEK, phenolic, acrylic, polycarbonate, UHMW, HDPE, mechanical plastics, and glass filled or reinforced plastics. To learn more about LMT Onsrud router bits and which may be suitable for your application, call (888) 768-5759 to speak to an Interstate Plastics expert.

Interstate Plastics is a full-line distributor of plastic sheet, rod, tube, bar, film, profile, and plastic accessories, tools, and care products. With 10 locations nationwide and an online sales and support team, Interstate Plastics provides full sheets and pallets, simple cut-to-size service, and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Plastics is known for its reputation of selling high-quality products, providing excellent customer service, and superior technical support. Our products and services are available using the safe, secure, and convenient purchasing system on the Interstate Plastics website. For instant help, we're always a phone call away at (888) 768-5759.



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