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Interstate Plastics Is Now Interstate Advanced Materials

Interstate Advanced Materials9/5/22

I am excited to announce that after nearly half a century in business Interstate Plastics and Plastic Machining will now be collectively branded as Interstate Advanced Materials.

This change in our representation to the industry is a more accurate description of our role in the marketplace and is long overdue. Upon our founding the inclusion of the word "plastics" in our brand indicated a focus on alternative materials to solve industry demands for better material solutions. Now as "plastics" have become ubiquitous in our society with commonly used and less sustainable items being the focus of its use it is time for us to represent a change. Rebranding as Interstate Advanced Materials is the start of this change. Interstate Advanced Materials will continue in our tradition of providing the highest quality and best material solutions to our customers through thoughtful collaboration to ensure a competitive and enhanced result.

This name change also reinforces our company's commitment to providing and encouraging the use of sustainable solutions in the industry through the use of performance materials that will lower our combined impact on the environment through the improved performance and longevity in service of the products we supply. We remain committed to the sustainable solution for our customers and communities.

Effective immediately and over the next several months the branding of Interstate Advanced Materials will be taking place. You will see a transition in our presentation but not our commitment.

Cole Klokkevold
Interstate Advanced Materials

330 Commerce Circle,
Sacramento CA, 95815
Interstate Advanced Materials
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