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Cladding Solutions & Moisture Resistant Wall Panels from Interstate Plastics

Interstate Plastics now offers UtiLite?, a rot, corrosion, and moisture-resistant decorative interlocking wall and ceiling panel.

UtiLite Ceiling Panels in a Laboratory.SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2021 -- Commercial kitchens are high traffic areas: the risk of spills, wall splatters, and general accidents involving liquids is ever-present, necessitating the use of wall panels that resist stains, rot, and corrosion. For complete coverage against moisture, rot, and corrosion, Interstate Plastics now offers UtiLite?, a completely moisture-resistant interlocking wall and ceiling solution that can also serve as a smooth, decorative kitchen wall panel.

UtiLite? moisture-resistant wall panels, built around a polypropylene copolymer corrugated plastic core, are lightweight and durable. 100% moisture-resistant UtiLite? panels do not rot or corrode, making them easy to clean with even the harshest cleaning solutions. These panels have tongue and groove edges that interlock for a smooth, near-seamless appearance when installed. They can be installed very quickly, either vertically or horizontally, directly to studs or substrate, making installation of UtiLite? a simple process. UtiLite? panels also reflect 92% of light to keep rooms brightly lit, critical for inspection processes and industrial kitchens. These cost-effective interlocking wall tiles and panels are USDA and FDA compliant and have a Class A fire rating, a must for any commercial kitchen environment.

Utilite Ceiling Panels in a Fire Station.In addition to commercial kitchens,?UtiLite? can be used anywhere that moisture resistant panels are needed, including for the walls and ceilings of car wash facilities, locker rooms, dairy facilities, food processing plants, medical exam rooms, and laboratories. UtiLite? has been installed in veterinary clinics, pharmaceutical plants, marine facilities, grow rooms, and even clean rooms.

UtiLite? is white with a smooth finish. To learn more about UtiLite? interlocking wall panels and?other wall or ceiling cladding solutions?for kitchens or businesses, call the experts at Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

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