Protective Barriers for Schools & Universities

Physical protective barriers to protect students and educators in academic settings from K-12 schools to universities.

Portable School Desk Guard

U-shaped barrier with tapered ends

Portable school desk guards are U-shaped to surround classroom desks or tables. Consisting of 3 panels, this U-shaped barrier can be quickly put together with the notch and tab interlocking system. The tapered edges at the ends of the side partitions give the student or teacher more elbow room to work with

K-12 and University School Desk Partition

U-shaped partition for larger desks and tables

K-12 and university school desk partitions are larger than portable school desk guards, but retain the same basic U-shape. While they lack the elbow room afforded by the desk guard’s tapered edges, this desk partition makes up for it by sectioning off a much larger space to work. This partition is perfect for activity tables, large desks, and libraries. The K-12 and university desk partition also comes with a pass-through slot.

Teacher Desk Guard

Day-to-day classroom protection

Used in multiple academic environments, the teacher desk guard’s defining feature is the 6" tall by 18" wide pass-through area. Homework, notebooks, textbooks, and even small bags can fit through this opening while continuing to protect both student and teacher. The teacher desk guard is made of impact resistant plastics that can handle day-to-day use.

School Reception Desk Guard

Administrative protective barrier

The school reception desk guard is a perfect fit for school administration offices and reception areas. At 1" tall, the built-in pass-through slot is just tall enough to allow permission slips, hall passes, or other papers through while keeping both parties protected.

Portable Classroom Dividers

Classroom and activity space barriers

Portable classroom dividers sport base stands that grant them the ability to stand independently without additional brackets. They come with attachment holes and zip ties for quick assembly. With multiple material options in both clear and opaque varieties, finding barriers to protect and complement your activity spaces is a breeze.

School Partition Extensions

Add on barrier extensions for physical dividers

Using the included plastic brackets, school partition extensions can be mounted on existing barriers. They are a good alternative for creating safe, tall, and unintrusive barriers without purchasing a larger set of guards. They come with a partition cap to secure extensions together, should they intersect

Portable Cafeteria Room Dividers

Protection during meals or tabletop activities

The portable cafeteria room divider provides protection during mealtimes or tabletop activities. Consisting of two or more clear plastic dividers that slide together, they divide tables into equal segments and facilitate safe face-to-face conversations. These dividers are clear and can work for all table sizes.

Urinal Partition Extensions

Protective barriers for restrooms

The urinal partition extension can be attached to urinal dividers via the 4 pre-drilled mounting holes or the included Velcro strip, in the event that holes cannot be drilled in the wall. The urinal partition extension can guard against airborne bacteria and can be cleaned easily using non-abrasive cleaning solutions.

Portable folding school desk sneeze guard with built-in carrying handles, usable anywhere.
Guardsy® Foldable Sneeze Guard for School Desks
U-shaped school desk guards for protecting students & educators in classrooms & libraries.
Portable School Desk Guard
Portable desk guard with a wide pass-through for books & papers, suitable for classrooms & libraries.
Teacher Desk Guard
Portable reception desk guard with a pass-through for papers & ID cards.
School Reception Desk Guard
U-shaped desk partition for protection during academic studies from K-12 through university.
K-12 and University Desk Partition
Clip-on extension barriers for existing classroom dividers to further protect students & educators.
Portable Cafeteria Room Dividers
Portable classroom dividers are flexible, sturdy barriers for classrooms & gymnasiums.
Portable Classroom Dividers
Pre-assembled standalone portable desk guard for use in schools, universities, & workspaces.
Portable Freestanding Desk Guard
Custom cut-to-size protective desktop barriers with rounded corners. Pass-through slot available.
Custom Sneeze Guard
Barrier extenders for existing dividers to further protect students & educators.
School Partition Extensions
Designed to extend bathroom urinal partitions to help guard against airborne pathogens and bacteria.
Urinal Partition Extensions
Our sneeze guard cleaning and disinfecting kit has everything needed to safely clean sneeze guards.
Sneeze Guard Cleaner and Disinfectant Kit
A superior solution for sanitizing sneeze guards - effective against COVID-19.
Foster<sup>®</sup> First Defense<sup>™</sup> Disinfectant - 32 oz.
Comes with Brillianize Plastic Cleaner & Polish as well as two microfiber towels.
Plastic Cleaning Essentials Kit

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