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Call (888) 665-0232 to set up an account!

Get a Net 30 Account:

Setting up your Interstate Plastics Credit Account is easy. Simply download and complete the credit application below and return it to us via fax at (916) 679-5507.

Net 30 orders must be placed over the phone or in person.


        (Mandatory for resale in CA, WA, OR, ID, AL, and TX.
        Photo copies of your resale license are not accepted.)

        (i.e. tax exemption)

4.) FAX APPLICATION TO (916) 679-5507

Net 30 Account Inquiry:

Fill out this form to get started with a Net 30 account.

41cb4  *

Tax Exempt Status and Orders:

Tax exempt orders must be placed over the phone! Please call (888) 768-5759 for more information or place a tax exempt order.

State law exempts items that are resold in the normal course of business. Material and products used to run your business are taxable. We are unable to automatically exempt taxes during the online checkout process. In order to establish and maintain tax exempt status, Interstate Plastics requires that you provide us with a valid tax exemption certificate for the state(s) where you are located, and that you update and maintain a current certificate, in accordance with state laws and our Terms & Conditions. Sales tax may be charged on any orders placed through the Interstate Plastics website.

Tax refunds will not be provided for orders placed through the cart. In this scenario, you may contact your state's Department of Revenue to request a refund of tax paid. Once valid tax exemption documents are filed and approved by Interstate Plastics, tax exempt orders must be placed over the phone through an Interstate Plastics representative. If your purchases qualify for exemptions, we’re here to help you. Please call (888) 768-5759 for more information or place a tax exempt order.


Do I have to apply for credit before placing my order?

You need to apply and receive confirmation to place an order with Net 30 terms. Net 30 terms will only apply to phone orders. You will receive a confirmation email when your Net 30 request is approved. Otherwise, we'll email you to discuss other payment options. Fill out the 'request account form' or call us at (888) 768-5759

Once I'm approved, will I have to change the way that I order?

At this time, Net 30 orders will only be processed over the phone. You can still order online when paying by credit or debit card.

My company has a Credit Information Sheet, can I just send that to you?

Please attach any extra information and considerations along with your credit application. You will still need to fill out the credit application.

What are the terms?

Net 30 Days. (From the invoice date.)

"Customer understands that the entire invoice amount is due within 30 days from the invoice date or receipt of goods, whichever is later."

In other words: "We'll sell you the material in return for payment. Please don't make us wait too long."

What if I want to set up or change my account to Net 60?

Unfortunately, we only do credit on Net 30 terms. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Do you guys offer a discount if I pay early?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for early payment. Net 30 terms provide you with the flexibility to pay any time within 30 days, but we encourage payment as early as possible.

Do you guys have a minimum PO amount?

Please use a credit or debit card for orders under $50. Orders for less than $50 are subject to a Small Order Processing Fee of $20.

Can I pay for invoices with my credit card?

Definitely. While on terms you may still pay with credit card or be billed. Please call for terms. Orders placed online will NOT be processed with Net 30 terms.

How do you handle late payments?

A customer whose account is over 30 days from the date of the invoice may be placed on credit hold, at which point, no additional shipments would be made until the past due balance is paid in full.

In the event a customer's account is sent to a collection agency, the customer will remain liable for full invoice amounts, and will be unable to purchase material from Interstate Plastics, Inc. via any payment method until the entire debt is paid.

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