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SunTuf Corrugated Polycarbonate Provides Strength, Aesthetics for Outdoor Structures

Red Brick SunTuf Corrugated Polycarbonate SheetHome and business owners looking to transform their outdoor spaces using materials that are attractive and provide adequate protection from UV sunlight. Corrugated polycarbonate panels are a popular choice for patio and pergola coverings that protect against the elements and UV damage while providing attractive shaded areas. Interstate Advanced Materials offers SunTuf corrugated polycarbonate panels for the construction of pergolas, patios, and outdoor applications.

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SunTuf corrugated polycarbonate panels feature extreme impact resistance and durability - like standard polycarbonate, they are shatterproof. Their 3" vertical trapezoidal corrugation pattern is compatible with popular metal panel profiles and they are easily drilled or cut with standard woodworking equipment. SunTuf panels are high performance glazing panels that resist yellowing and UV damage and have up to 20 times greater impact resistance compared to fiberglass corrugated panels. SunTuf panels have excellent weatherability and can handle extreme temperatures.

SunTuf panels are primarily designed for use in outdoor roofing and are compatible with a variety of outdoor projects. Corrugated polycarbonate panels like SunTuf are recommended as roofing for pergolas, patios, greenhouses, outdoor agricultural facilities, and other outdoor areas that may require high impact resistance. Clear or transparent panels have differing light transmission values, making them better suited to skylights, greenhouses, and other areas where natural lighting is preferred.

Interstate Advanced Materials offers SunTuf panels in a selection of colors and transparencies, with additional corrugated polycarbonate panels available. Save 30%+ on SunTuf corrugated polycarbonate and other materials with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership. Ask an Interstate Advanced Materials representative how SunTuf corrugated polycarbonate panels can improve or enhanced patios, pergolas, and other outdoor applications at (800) 742-3444.

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