We Recycle For You

Interstate Plastics wants to help you recycle. Our new recycling program allows you to send us any excess materials used in your projects.

Fill out our drop-off form and a team member will schedule a time and location for your scrap drop-off. For larger quantities of scrap, we may supply gaylords to help with compiling your material.

Six Ways We Make a Difference

  We're phasing out our fleet of forklifts with all-electric, zero-emission forklifts

  Our facilities have adapted new recycling and composting regulations that help prevent single-use items

  Our facilities are making the switch to water and energy-efficient fixtures and machinery

  Our materials reduce equipment energy consumption in many industries

 We have started the process of separating scrap to ensure all excess material is properly recycled

  We set the bar for sustainability within our industry, receiving & continually competing for the IAPD Award for Environmental Excellence

Holistic Sustainability
Present & Future

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Reducing our footprint means increasing our operational efficiency and making our offices and warehouses as sustainable as possible.

Reduce Waste & Strive for None

Our ambitious goal of zero waste to landfill by June 2026 starts with company policy that mandates the sorting and recycling of all material scraps within our warehouses. Interstate Plastics has implemented recycling and composting programs to help prevent single-use plastic in our facilities. We give our employees the ability to recycle and compost all their waste. As a company, we are also striving to reduce our paper usage to a minimum and hope to move to a paperless system.

Reduce Water & Energy Usage

We have begun replacing our fleet of shipping trucks and company vehicles with electric and highly efficient vehicles. Our operating procedures limit when and how long lights, HVAC, and equipment can be left on. Interstate Plastics continually audits all operations involving water and energy usage to see where less can be used. We have installed water-saving toilets in our facilities and restrict the use of any sprinkler systems on our properties.

Energy-Efficient Equipment & Eco-Friendly Disposal

We have started investing in energy-efficient fixtures, office supplies, and capital equipment for all of our branches. We're committed to purchasing zero-emission equipment, making sustainable changes to our properties, and disposing of old equipment or electronics in an eco-friendly manner. These considerations extend to the locations we choose to operate in and even include conducting environmental reviews when choosing new operations facilities.

Reducing our handprint means working with suppliers to offer sustainable material options and transporting materials efficiently.

Efficient Logistics

In addition to purchasing efficient vehicles for our fleets, we work with our suppliers and shipping companies to offer our customers the most fuel-efficient shipping options to help further curb emissions within our sphere of influence. Efficient logistics even extends to our online space, where we have moved to green web hosting, which utilizes energy-efficient equipment.

Helping Customers Reduce Emissions

Saving money is always an enticing incentive, and more so when we show customers how to reduce their carbon footprint. Interstate Plastics supplies replacement parts that increase the efficiency of customer assembly lines and capital equipment, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption. For large operations, these reductions can have enormous positive environmental implications.

Community Outreach

We are continually looking for ways to make a difference in our community; we work to reach out and do community events at each of our branches. We have also been working to earn an environmental excellence award within our industry. This goal helps push us and our competition to making our industry a greener one.

Our blueprint is our plan to improve over time, maintain sustainable practices, and always strive to do better.

Sustainable Materials Are Our Future

The field of materials science is discovering new materials and composites at an unprecedented rate. As global demand moves toward sustainable options, our manufacturers are beginning to introduce biodegradable materials that have the physical properties to replace traditional plastics. We are committed to offering our customers sustainable choices as they become available.

Conscious Partnerships

We engage in business with organizations that also have sustainability plans. Working with companies that have our same mission is important to us. From looking at the products we purchase for our offices and warehouses to changing our facilities to be more sustainable, by highlighting our sustainability efforts, we hope to motivate and encourage our competitors and manufacturers alike to make more conscious decisions.

Always Raising the Bar

We are committed to preventing all materials, waste, and in-house products from reaching landfills by June 2026. But the plan does not end there. We continue to set goals and raise the bar for how a sustainable distributorship should operate. We will continue to audit all sustainability initiatives and maintain the high level of respect for the environment we expect from our team.

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