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Wear-Resistant Material Solutions for IMA Idaho Manufacturing Industry Trade Show and Conference 2023

UHMW IPX? 2000 SheetInterstate Advanced Materials showcases wear-resistant material solutions ahead of its participation in the 2023 Idaho Manufacturing Industry Trade Show and Conference. Hosted by the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance (IMA), the annual event is set to take place on November 30th in Boise, Idaho. The event provides a unique opportunity for manufacturing professionals to discover innovative products, network with other industry specialists, and engage in education sessions, all under one roof.

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Interstate Advanced Materials supplies the manufacturing industry with advanced wear solutions like UHMW IPX 2000?. Made from modified UHMW, it exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemicals, making it the preferred choice for improving performance in existing plastic applications and replacing metal parts. IPX 2000?'s UV stability and extremely low moisture absorption ensure top-tier performance in components such as gears, plates, and bushings even when exposed to prolonged outdoor environments. IPX 2000? features up to a 40% increase in wear resistance compared to standard UHMW grades that translates into decreased maintenance costs, extended equipment life, and reduced energy consumption.

Tivar? Dryslide ESD is an anti-static plastic with a lower coefficient of friction than traditional UHMW or Tivar? grades. Tivar? Dryslide leverages a specially modified lubricant to deliver quieter and smoother sliding performance, eliminating the need for external lubricants like sprays or waxes. The sheet is UV-stabilized, safeguarding it against degradation from prolonged exposure to UV light. Tivar? Dryslide's anti-static properties allow it to excel in dusty environments, while its capacity to perform well in wet conditions ensures the dimensional stability of critical machine components.

Nylatron? NSM is a reliable wear solution for the manufacturing industry. Nylatron? NSM is a cast nylon sheet designed for applications such as gears, bearings, and wear pads. Featuring self-lubricating properties and the highest wear resistance among available thermoplastics, this material improves the lifespan of parts. Compared to metal, Nylatron? NSM offers reduced part weight, great corrosion resistance, and less noise during operation. Its resistance to chemicals and moisture ensures that it retains its mechanical properties even in damp or humid environments.

Interstate Advanced Materials looks forward to partnering with manufacturing professionals at the Idaho Manufacturing Industry Trade Show and Conference to help address the most pressing industry challenges and explore game-changing material solutions. The company remains committed to helping manufacturers and other related experts deepen their understanding of the benefits offered by plastics and other composite materials. Industry professionals looking to reduce their material costs can save 30%+ on Nylatron? NSM, Tivar? Dryslide, IPX 2000?, and more with an Interstate Advanced Materials membership.

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